The 10 most luxurious yachts in the world

The ultra luxury yacht fashion spread in some areas, far from the common people and any economic reality & hellip; disproportionate boats, here is the 10 most incredible:

1-History Supreme

A 4.5 billion, you are entitled to expect the best from your yacht, as is the case of this amazing boat owned by a wealthy Malaysian anonymous. < / span>

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mastodon with 24 cabins for guests and two swimming pools, estimated at 1.5 billion, a trifle to its owner, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich.

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3-Streets of Monaco

This yacht is not yet built, but is expected to cost over a billion dollars in order to reproduce the bridge Monaco, with the casino, the Hotel de Paris, etc & hellip;

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The emir of Abu Dhabi has been a treat to 650 million by offering this yacht first class.

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An extravagant ship was a time the biggest yacht in the world, the prince of Brunei, the happy propriƩtire, will have to invest again to be at the forefront.

Author: Imre Solt - Wikipedia

6-Superyacht A

In addition to its luxurious side, yacht, owned by a pair of Russian billionaires, impresses for its innovative and original design.

Author: MatthiasKabel < / a> - Wikipedia

7-Al Said

The yacht D'Oman Sultan takes on board 154 crew members, for up to 70 guests.

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This yacht among the longest in the world is handy for its owner, a Russian oligarch, when it wants to join his private island & hellip;

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9-Al Mirqab

The Prime Minister of Qatar took care to equip its entire yacht comfort, cinema, jacuzzi, swimming pool, helicopter landing pad, essential for a luxury yacht.

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10-Lady Moura

Although it dates from 1990, the Lady Moura, owned by a Saudi businessman, continues to trade in the 10 most luxurious and most expensive yachts in the world .

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