The 10 sites to check before leaving Crete

Fat tourist destination, it is not lacking information about Crete on the internet: all travel guides sites go there on their little history on the island, major tour operators offer stays packaged, and many tourists have opened their blog during their holidays Cretan ...

So among all this, we have to do some sorting: transportation, guide, practice ...

Unfortunately, the language barrier forces, while we go away from the sites '' local '', written exclusively in Greek. nevertheless impossible to pass completely in English, because there are some websites / blogs Cretan French, mastering a minimum Shakespeare's language is essential to fish the best info. And it will be a good workout before practice on site!

Discover Crete

Help and general information on Crete, to put the mouth water:

. 1 : a fairly comprehensive guide on many facets of Crete, but focuses primarily on the west side of the island (as the name suggests ...): for many it is anyway here that we discover the best of Crete ... Bonus:. the site is in French

2 : many information for tourists, throughout Crete, cities and regions, its specialties, its history, its historical and natural sites, beaches, etc ... In English.

See also:
- href="" : the site of the municipality of Chania is full of information about the city and its region, monuments, museums, natural sites, etc ... in English
- <. a href = "" target = "_ blank"> : as above, but for the Heraklion area. In English
- href="" .'s website Greek tourist office speak of course of Crete. English .

To see and do in Crete

Beaches and mountain hiking are featured in Crete, with some very good sites on the subject:

3 href="" www. : great site that includes all beaches of Crete (photos, description), even the smallest and most isolated, ideal for finding a corner where a swim during a getaway or escape the hordes of tourists in a quiet cove. In English.

4 href="" www. : the official website of the National park of Samaria gorge, a natural site the most famous of Crete. All the informations to prepare this essential tour. In English.

See also:
- href="" www. : a blog not necessarily very aesthetic but which offers a multitude of very detailed itineraries of hiking / biking throughout Crete. French
- href="" . Cretan cultural life with all the great events of the island. Unfortunately, the site is published in Greek.

Getting to Crete

The essential sites to prepare your trip to Crete

5 href="" aegeanair. .com ; href="" : both companies operate together to serve Crete from Greece and other destinations.

6 href="" www. : Anek Lines operated ferry connections from Athens to Chania and Heraklion, the two major cities of Crete. Check the ferry schedules, prices, book your tickets in advance ...

See also:
- < / a>; href="" : the official sites of the two main airports Crete, Chania and Heraklion . < / p>

Holidays in Crete

The all-inclusive stays for Crete are plethora on the internet ... as to hotels, they usually appear on the big résa sites. The homestays, they, themselves rather negotiate on site ...

. 7 : some beautiful trekking tours in the Cretan mountains, accompanied by pros hiking .

8 href="" www. : tour operator was initially exclusively focused on Greece (and therefore Crete). A well-stocked catalog.

See also:
- < / a>: many Cretan hotels, and even a few rooms to let, are referenced on Booking
- : flight + hotel stays and tours in Crete.

Practical information about Crete:

To check if necessary once there:

9 : bus routes and schedules for all Crete. Essential to move without a car.

10 href="" www.. : it's not about whether it will rain but more about the scorching temperatures but also useful, the wind ... which often does not skimp on Crete!

See also:
- href="" : Crete is tourisitique, so, a lot of people have their say and Mount advice to give. In this matter, Travel Forum is a reference.