The 10 most beautiful beaches in France

Not easy to draw the top 10 best beaches in France ... with nearly 4000km coastline, we doubt that the hexagon contains a multitude of beautiful beaches, all sizes and all types!

The top 10 best beaches toured France to choose fairly beaches as varied as possible, in the image of the beautiful diversity of marine landscapes of the country: Channel, Atlantic, Mediterranean, each will then select his favorite coastline.

So no particular order, here are 10 beaches not to miss throughout France:

The Cap Blanc Nez, Opal Coast, Nord-Pas-de-Calais

The Opal Coast is not the one that attracts the most summering in France preferred him probably the temperatures of the Mediterranean! This beautiful coastline, bathed by the English Channel, yet full of beautiful beaches, Chapter which shall include the Cap Blanc-Nez, weakly wide sandy area frequented, yet the wild paces.

The beach Palombaggia, Porto-Vecchio, Corsica

Corsica is a little paradise for sunbathers in search of crystal clear water and hidden coves. For those who can venture off the beaten track, there is much to discover on the Corsican coast. A beach in any case has an outstanding reputation, Palombaggia beach, near Porto Vecchio, the archetype of this is found on the Island of Beauty. A focus off season ...

The beach Beauduc Camargue

Wide beach surrounded by the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean, Beauduc is located at the southern tip of the Camargue. Relatively difficult to CCAEC, Beauduc has become a true phenomenon, with its fans. Wild and unspoiled, the beach also welcomes lovers of wild camping and naturism. Given the landscape, we understand them!

Beach Maguero, Morbihan, Brittany

The southern Brittany is a key destination, successful summer after summer. The beautiful beaches are legion, but we must choose th ... Beach Maguero, Plouhinec, combines all the charm of a beautiful beach in Brittany: long stretch of sand, clear and fresh sea, vast foreshore low tide, the rocks at the water and beautiful sunsets.

En Vau and the Creeks of Marseille

Recently classified park, the Creeks offer one of the most spectacular seascapes France. Certainly the crowds can be a bit troublesome in the summer, but the margins of the season, it is a treat for those who love Mediterranean landscapes and all that that implies: smells, colors, heat ...

The beach of Pilat, Arcachon, Aquitaine

Well known throughout France Pilat Beach offers a very unique landscape. It takes its reputation for its immense dune a hundred meters high, overlooking the beach. With the forest in the background Landes, Arcachon Bay and the beautiful Atlantic coast, the view is worth it!

La Grande Plage, Biarritz, Basque Country

Although the preference often goes to the most unspoiled and wild beaches, we must admit that the Grande Plage of Biarritz is a full experience. A beach in a natural setting, there enjoy seaside pleasures without ever losing its fashion side and connected.

The beach at Etretat, Normandy

Of course, this is not the most comfortable beach where put towels. But we had a representative for the Norman pebble beaches and the beach at Etretat is one of the most iconic of them. His fascinating cliffs make it a must for all top 10 beaches in France.

Côte Sauvage, Charente-Maritime

From the north of Royan to the southern tip of the island of Oleron extends such a unique and vast beach the Wild Coast. Walk through the pine forest, then cross the high sand dunes to reach this beautiful coastline: the waves of the Atlantic, serious waves, the space around us, the pleasures of the ocean to the state pure.

The beach at Pampelonne Var

It ends with another classic, the beautiful Pampelonne beach, sand and Mediterranean. It is renowned for its proximity to the prestigious St Tropez, but is located on the territory of the pretty village of Ramatuelle. A long sandy beach, lively and busy, always in the summer spirit of the French Riviera.