The 10 best surf spots in France

Each surfer will have a stop notice on its top 10 best spots in France, because with thousands of kilometers of Atlantic coastline in the country, this is not the best waves are missing. Of course, no need to look too far north of the English Channel and even less to the south, in the Mediterranean ... surfing, just go to the west coast of the Basque Country to Brittany, and here are the 10 best French spots < / p>

The Nord and La Gravière in Hossegor

On the Landes coast, Hossegor is one of the big stars of surfing in France. Evidenced by his two best sports, which also include the best in the country: the North and Gravel, two beautiful spots that host international competitions. The waves are awesome and only experienced surfers venture there. To admire from the sandy beach to the other, a great experience.

La Cote des Basques in Biarritz

surfing Cradle in France, Biarritz and spots must be to figure prominently in the rankings. The Basque Coast is not far from the city center of Biarritz, it therefore attracts the world ... and even more so that the spot remains accessible with affordable waves without an ace surfing.

La Torche in Brittany

Let us leave for a moment the south coast to discover the most famous spot in Brittany, La Torche. We are in the Finistère, near Plomeur. A spectacular coastline reveals the tip of the torch a large west-facing beach, welcoming a beautiful ocean swells. With a sandy bottom and waves of reasonable force, the spot is relatively accessible. Very beautiful to admire from the coast also.

Lacanau Gironde

Gironde spot the most prominent, well known for its long sandy beach and beautiful waves. A crowd of surfers, including Bordeaux, flock there. If we add summer use, the spot can be a little on-attended ... but we always appreciate the festive atmosphere surrounding resort Lacanau, adding an extra dimension to the surfing session.

Les Cavaliers in Anglet

Anglet, a paradise for surfers of all levels. Here it is not a spot that is found, but a dozen all close to the city. The most famous remains Cavaliers, which hosts competitions, because this is where the swell form the most. But feel free to surf other spots easier for you to hand as the Little Bar ...

Guéthary on the Basque coast

Between Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Guéthry is yet another spot quality of the Basque coast. Guéthary, we just admire one of the biggest waves of France, and the show is worth seeing, especially during heavy winter swells! The spot, however, is reserved for experienced surfers: already the wave is big and powerful, it breaks more on a rocky reef, to top it off. Pictured it makes as well.

Bud Bud in Vendée

The Vendee is itself also exposed to the waves of the Atlantic, with some beautiful beaches dotting its coast. Among the popular spots Vendée surfers, Bud Bud tops. On the side of Longeville-sur-Mer (near Tranche), the beach is beautiful, the waves also. The quality is that of a spot Landes, the corner is also quite accessible for the Nordic surfers.

The Wild Coast in Quiberon

Back in Brittany, in the Morbihan this time. The Quiberon peninsula is a popular meeting surfers, near the beautiful Wild Coast. Cliffs, scenery preserved wild paces, but also beautiful waves to surf all along the coast. All mondey benefiting, as the beaches of the Wild Coast are exposed to waves more or moin spuissantes and easy to surf, from beginners to advanced.

Les Estagnots in Seignosse

Pays Basque and Landes cheerfully share the majority of rank ... in fact, a top 10 can be easily completed with the beaches of the south Atlantic coast. This is again the case with Seignosse, whose reputation is more to do with surfers. Beautiful beach, good waves and several quality spots characterize the station, the Estagnots, the best spot in the area.

The Sauzaie, bretignolles-sur-mer

It ends with another Vendée spot near Sables d'Olonne: peaceful town and seaside resort, Bretignolles-sur-Mer has the advantage of its location on the coast of Light, famous for its beautiful beaches ... and its brightness. surf side, the beach of La Sauzaie, a little further north, is happy: long stretch of sand beaten by the Atlantic Ocean, the spot offers great waves and surfing sessions qualtié .