The 10 best restaurants Rouen


Great city of Normandy, Rouen is a must for lovers of art and history, but also for gourmets: the city of steeples cents could be the city of a hundred good restaurants! It remains to make a choice among the many tables of Rouen: this is where the top 10 best restaurants in Rouen all categories .


Totally unavoidable, Gill is one of the most famous addresses in the ville.Bien located on the banks of the Seine, this gourmet restaurant wins all the votes, service, surroundings and impeccable cuisine.

Address: 9 Quai of the Exchange, 76000 Rouen
Telephone: +33 2 35 71 16 14

2-La Marmitte

In the center of Rouen, here is a table that does not disappoint its guests. A gourmet cuisine, combining with happiness meat, fish, regional flavors and original dishes.

Address: 3 Rue de Florence 76000 Rouen
Telephone: +33 2 35 71 75 55

3-Les Maraîchers

One of those institutions where it's always nice to take place, the Maraîchers operate in full Old Market since 1910, and the lively terrace testament to the popularity of this address to the ambience of yesteryear bistro. < / p>

Address: 37 Place du Vieux Marché, 76000 Rouen
Telephone: +33 2 35 71 57 73

4-Le Chabada

Not far from the dock of Paris and the Seine, the Chabada itself has a small Parisian accent a chic and trendy, creative cuisine, both traditional and contemporary make it a place to discover Rouen.

Address: 6 Rue Armand Carrel, 76000 Rouen
Telephone: +33 2 35 71 58 20

5-Sense Wine

A homemade cooking and a menu that changes every day, this is what offers the Wine Sense. Or how to practice the sense of oenology and his marriage to gastronomy. Open daily, 10 am-19h.

Address: 18 Rue Alsace Lorraine, 76000 Rouen
Telephone: +33 2 76 52 28 32

The 6-Fisheries

We are in the historic center of Rouen, on the Seine, and it is here that rendezvous lovers of seafood: various fish, seafood, this is the maritime Normandy we taste here.

Address: 29 Place de la Basse Vieille Tour, 76000 Rouen
Telephone: +33 2 35 88 71 00

7-La Petite Auberge

It is always welcome to dig up a nice table during the visit of the beautiful historic center of Rouen and the terrace of the little inn is cozy at best. French cuisine as we like with a specialty in snails.

Address: 164 Rue Martainville, 76000 Rouen
Telephone: +33 2 35 70 80 18

8-Les Baguettes itchy

There are not that Normandy flavors that are worth to be experienced in Rouen. The rods thus offers a good bite Asian cuisine to change the puck. Legally shop and tea room.

Address: 43 Rue aux Ours 76000 Rouen
Telephone: +33 2 32 10 09 23

Taj Mahal-9

We remain in the thematic world cuisine, but also in the streets of the Bear in the heart of Rouen, to find the Taj Mahal, which as you might expect, offers a nice collection of Indian specialties. < / p>

Address: 59 Rue Bear, 76000 Rouen
Telephone: +33 2 35 15 95 66


It ends with another gourmet restaurant in Rouen not to be missed, The Gallery. Original flavors which are usually unanimous among those who have tried.

Address: 4 Rue Sainte-Croix-des-Fur Harvesters, 76000 Rouen
Telephone: +33 2 35 70 56 83