The 10 best clubs for your outings in Paris


The capital has more fame to make regarding outings and in places to discover or rediscover. Nothing such as a nightclub with an atmosphere that moves to liven up your evenings in Paris, have fun with friends and meet new people.

Badaboum, the connected box

Do not miss the evenings Badaboum, the new hot spot of Paris, located in the Bastille area and makes both club office, concert hall and even held meetings with some artists to dance the night on the themes chosen by a DJ exception.

Blue for a cozy

The Blue awaits you for unforgettable moments with various themed evenings for all tastes and styles. This enchanting place at night up to 200 people in a friendly atmosphere and friendly.

Stars all night

You will starry nights in the famous trendy box of the 10th arrondissement of Paris, Les Etoiles. Plus, every month special concerts for young talent to burst yourselves découvrir.Vous without limits and enjoy special and original cocktails served by the bartender at the famous box.

Baron an exceptional place

The Baron located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. In an intimate and cozy setting you follow the innovations of professional DJs and other producers and groups of all styles.

Unforgettable nights in Concrete

No you're not dreaming. The Concrete waiting for crazy nights in this trendy box in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. Come and meet great techno and house artists that will make you move all night.

Music, meetings and festivities await you

Dijoon is open until dawn in the 13th district with priority of the beautiful soul music for your evenings punctuated in Paris.

Leather goods, nightclub but also concert hall

Among the most popular clubs and busiest of Paris is the leather goods of the 20th district. Concert hall but also night clubs, this magical place promises an exceptional programming, including electric, and the organization of various shows and even festivals.

My lord, the old Russian cabaret facelift

The Bishop is worthy of its name to the noble connotations. This old Russian cabaret hosted the 9th district at the time Frack Sinatra or Eva Gardner. This place has become the new meeting place in Paris with quality programming, house, techno, hip-hop in an original and magical.

The Showcase for your trendy parties

Do not miss also: evenings and nights connected the Showcase in a prime location on the Pont Alexandre III in the 8th, on the banks of the Seine. This gigantic nightclub over 1,800 m2 to the particular history rhythm to go out on a power and elegant programming.

Electro Nights Tunnel

Also try the new key location in Issy-Les-Moulineaux, The Tunnel, with its large electro nights to be missed under any circumstances.