The 10 (wrong) reasons not to go to Italy

Why have dug a tunnel when there are at least 10 reasons not to go to Italy ?

  1. paste , you already eat every day at home .
  2. overpriced hotels : it is almost impossible not to be disappointed by his hotel in Italy, at least to target the high end. Tell yourself that you book a 3 star, you will offer 2.
  3. clothes hard to go unnoticed with his pole and walking godasses in Italian cities, where people seem to provide any care especially the holding they wear ... hard not to be cataloged tourist.
  4. Unable to make a map of a restaurant full : antipasti, primi piatti, secondi piatti and dolci. Why offer so much choice! For those who have trouble deciding, an Italian restaurant proves a real ordeal.
  5. In addition, you do not get to this mania add the bread and covered in addition to the bill ... you do not go eat your pasta with your fingers!
  6. Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples, Bologna, Milan, Siena, Genoa, Palermo, etc, etc ... there are so many cities' 'to do' 'in Italy, it is not choose . And Italy has an addictive side, if you start ... no need to take the risk.
  7. The Italian is supposed to be easy to learn for a French. But honestly, understand Italian in conversation that's another story.
  8. And the Italians are not exactly Arrows in English . Not better than us ... small communication problem in perspective.
  9. Italian TV is one of the worst in the world. Besides, ours is made for children. Frankly, besides a frankly unhealthy curiosity, it is better to avoid any risk of being exposed to this ...
  10. In the same vein, drive for hours listening to Italian pop Soup on the radio, it passes you want traveling in Italy.