The 10 (wrong) reasons not from England

The Channel is an insurmountable border for you because ....

  1. Do not pipez a word of anglish . And when you mumble '' coffee please '' you are served a pizza. And you are ashamed before your friends who themselves perfectly mastered the language of Shakespeare.
  2. Fish and chips dripping with grease, baked beans and sausages in small dèj ... not worth going further into barbarism culinary.
  3. More 200000 French live in London. You call it from abroad?
  4. You love bars (and by extension the pubs), but hate nightclubs. it happens. Here, the pubs close at 23h . That's for the evening.
  5. incessant rain, heavy gray, 20 & deg; c max was ... some like English weather , many seek to flee. Forget the notion of blue sky.
  6. The North of England post-industrial cities people dream. A query '' Liverpool '' or '' Manchester '' on google images, as pictures of football ... coincidence, or is it because it's their only interest? Try York: dogs, Yorkshire terriers exactly ...
  7. Roll Left , mph, taken from different current, sterling, QWERTY keyboard, jet lag than ... eccentricities in England, but mostly as constraints to be overcome in order to travel alone in a neighboring country yet!
  8. cameras everywhere in London, in city center, on the road, everywhere, the English are very fond of these cameras CCTV (millions!) that capture all your actions. A bit heavy after a while.
  9. You suffer from seasickness and a panic tunnels, about to fly rather die
  10. You do not want to attend these islanders who dare treat you frog. And Joan of Arc, Waterloo, and so on ... you grudge very (very) persistent . Perfidious Albion.