The 10 experiences not to be missed in Argentina

Here are 10 essential experiences while traveling in Argentina.

1. Walk on the huge and majestic Perito Moreno Glacier. Strap on crampons for a trekking round the world on one of the most beautiful glaciers of Argentina: the mythical Perito Moreno. An unmissable!

6. Discover the convivial atmosphere of a peña Salta. Impossible not to be seduced by the particularly warm places, where musicians meet and Argentine folklore singers.

7. Stay in a ranch in the heart of the Pampas. These rural properties offer a change of scenery, from open spaces, horse breeding and traditions of Argentine gauchos.

8. Enjoy wine in a bodega in Mendoza. The Argentine vineyards are of high quality and world renowned. Come visit the wineries and varietals of the region of Mendoza, San Rafael or Cuyo, at the foot of the Andes, in landscapes breathtaking!

9. Dance the tango milonga in Buenos Aires. You can not stay in the Argentine capital not get carried away by the rhythm of tango. A full six-day tour immerses you in the history of Tango music, songs and dances. Beginner or expert, become a real tango!

10. Perfect your polo. Argentina is undoubtedly THE country polo, including the world's best players, and beautiful estancias dedicated to equestrian sport. Beginners, old enter the exclusive world of polo!

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