The 10 most popular destinations in the world

Not easy to agree everyone when it comes to tourism, as everyone tries to pull the cover towards you to be the most popular destination ! According to sources, the rankings change ... Here, we kept a ranking that places France at the top of course: the ten most popular destinations in the world in number of foreign visitors .


The best tourist country in the world! Paris of course, generates itself only a few million foreign visitors, but the diversity of France what attract travelers to pushing their discovery outside the capital: the French Riviera, the resorts of the Alps, the Castles Loire, pretty Normandy towns, etc, etc ...

2.états United

If the United States does not always meet with great success in foreign public opinion, the country remains a magnet for tourists. Its vast territory contains many treasures to discover, large megacities such as the inevitable New York or Los Angeles, atypical cities like San Francisco or Las Vegas, and of course the great outdoors and parks, Yosemite, Yellowstone, etc. ..


Mediterranean climate, many islands, countless resorts, festive reputation, but also cultural cities, a rich historical heritage and regions pronounced character, Spain won again and again. Barcelona, ​​the Canary Islands, Madrid, the Balearic Islands, Seville and the Costa Dorada ... there are countless classics Spanish tourist!


In all economic sectors in China joined the first place, it is not surprising that the country attracts many visitors. fascinating destination, evolving, China offers various faces: Beijing, Hong Kong, Sichuan or Yunnan, to mention only the major unavoidable, each time a different journey.


Italy remains an indispensable global destination. Rome, of course, continues to attract visitors from around the world, but the country has many cities and regions that justifies them-only travel in the peninsula: what about the attraction of Sicily or Tuscany, the famous historical cities such as Venice, Florence and Naples, the cultural dynamism of Milan or Turin? Simply timeless.


Turkey has bet big on developing its tourism, and the least we can say is that it worked. Attendance focuses on several areas '' unavoidable '' of the country, namely Istanbul of course, world-renowned metropolis, the seaside resorts of the Mediterranean coast, Bodrum or Antalya, amazing natural sites, like Pamukkale and of Cappadocia ...


Who would have bet that Germany was among the most popular tourist destinations in the world? Certainly, Berlin, has a worldwide reputation, a must in Europe for all lovers of culture and nightlife. At this crucial point in side avant-garde, Germany offers more traditional but no less interesting destinations: Bavaria and Munich, Hamburg, Black Forest and the Rhine for example .

8.Royaume Kingdom

The UK is pulled up by the always excellent London benefits. Capital on an international scale, the most visited city and most popular in the world, considered by many as a typical example of the city of tomorrow, London is a must for tourists worldwide. Elsewhere, Scotland also remains a destination to success in the UK.


Of course, Russia is not the easiest countries in access among the most popular destinations ... papers, visa, etc .. . which repels apparently have little international visitors, who flock in numbers to enjoy Russian tourist attractions, starting with its two flagship cities and so different, the capital Moscow and St. Petersburg. Some leave meanwhile, explore the virgin lands of Siberia ... an area to grow!


A major tourist classics of Southeast Asia, Thailand has all the attributes of the tropical dream destination: the pristine islands, beaches fine sand, clear sea and a warm climate, affordable prices ... It is in fact only one facet of Thailand, a country that also relies on the northern mountains, or historic cities bustling Bangkok to rank among the top 10 destinations worldwide.