The 10 most purchased gifts to children at Christmas

The 10 most purchased gifts for Christmas

Obviously, every parent wants to particularly enjoy his children for Christmas and everyone does it in his own way and according to what is best for his children. But some gifts are more successful than others and stores sometimes find themselves out of stock on particularly popular children toys.


It actually tops the list of most purchased gifts for Christmas to children. If you wonder why it's for the benefits it combines whatever the age and the type of book. Indeed, one can choose the suitable one for each child is an inexpensive gift and in addition it also please parents because it is educational and intelligently care children.


Of course, the many games available in the market remains one of the favorite gifts for children and bought by parents for Christmas. The Mario Kart, Pokemon and Super Mario are in demand.

Pocket Money

And yes apart from the gifts that we buy, many parents are the delight of their children by filling their piggy bank for Christmas. They can choose what they want and no risk they are disappointed.

Building sets

Legos do not lose by a celebrity Christmas to another. They help care for the children first of all ages through intelligent exercise of installation and construction. These can then play with the games set up: cars, trucks, ninja, vessels and other weapons. The indication of the recommended age on the box is very convenient to choose one that suits their child. Ninja Wars and Star models are purchased soon feature a certain age.


The classics never go out of style in children. Although the doll is becoming more sophisticated, little girls still love it and add more functions to them year after year: talk, cry, sing and even defecate .

Board Games

These games of all kinds, informative and exciting able to occupy several children and work sociability and competitiveness are bought at Christmas.

Electric cars

They are modernizing and look like the real models uncannily. Children waiting for their latest model shout impatiently around the tree. They sell very well especially at Christmas.

stimulating games

For young people, parents buy all sorts of educational games for Christmas like phones that talk, small trains of colors, shapes to place and assemble.


Teenagers and children of a certain age often have a penchant for music and the latest fashionable CD. It remains one of the favorite Christmas gifts.


Teenagers especially fond of clothes and if possible mark for Christmas. Between friends or the parents, it offers a lot of new clothes under the Christmas tree.