the Wwoofing

wwoofing is a concept may still be too little known in France, which can go to a farmer or organic farmer to participate in everyday tasks, in exchange for a place to sleep and food.

This is specifically an exchange of free services between the two parts. The wwoofer so is the person who will settle on a farm for some time to discover all facets of its business. The farmer will welcome him like he was hosting a friend, simply and courteously. He will host, will it cover and other basic services to the conduct of a good stay. Thus, in exchange, the wwoofer give of his time to the farmer participating in daily tasks there to perform within its structure as looking after its operations by plowing the garden, cultivating the vegetable garden in taking care of the orchard, in embelissant flowers, milking cows, brushing the horses, feeding the animals ... However, there is no obligation. The wwoofer does what he can by helping its host but if he has back problems, for example, he is not to milk the cows ...

in any case, before going to his place of wwoofing the wwoofer is highly advisable to get a first telephone contact with the person who will welcome it, if only for setting various conditions of the stay such as the time and date of arrival.

wwoofing an excellent experience for the wwoofer and allows them to learn ways to live he does not know and discover the techniques and principles of organic farming by participating. This also allows to visit new areas and learn more about local life ...

But how to become a wwoofer in France? If you want to become a wwoofer, nothing simpler. Just register (registration fee) on this site. Once registered, you will have access to coordinated different hosts practicing wwoofing, as well as descriptions of accommodation thereto, through a booklet that will be transmitted to you (paper or electronic book, your choice).

The electronic book costs 15 euros for one person, 20 euros for two. The paper and electronic book costs 25 euros for one person, 30 euros for two people. You will have the option to pay via Paypal service. If you do not want to pay this way, you can print a coupon for this purpose directly on the site and send it to WWOOF France, 86 bis rue Principale, 33460 LAMARQUE. You will receive your booklet in approximately 15 days.

Keep in mind that it is an exchange of free services and no amount of money will be claimed by each of both parties. It is an exchange of discovery with meetings which want strong emotions!