Transport in Barcelona. Optimize your time of stay.


The Metro is a convenient way to Barcelona, ​​it is clean and punctual. The metro ticket is around 1.5 euros. If you intend to make more than a trip, it is advisable to obtain a card of 5 or 10 trips or map Barcelona. This card entitles you to unlimited travel over a period of time. It also offers discounts at restaurants and shows.

Barcelona also has a bus network that provides transport from the center of the city to multiple destinations. There is a bus to Barcelona airport every ten minutes and it's cheaper than the Aerobus or the train. It is important to ensure they have a valid ticket in the Catalan network. A passenger in offense could be fined up to 600 euros. Tickets can be purchased on the bus or in the offices of the tourist offices.

Travel by bicycle is easy and friendly in Barcelona. There are several car rental bikes in town. Borrowing bicycles can be done by the hour or by the day. It is forbidden to move the bike bus. The subways allow for certain periods of the year at well-defined times. The city center is not large and the sites are close, it is sometimes convenient to travel by bike or even on foot.

In Barcelona taxis are yellow and black and are all metered. Taxi transportation is not relatively expensive compared to other European cities. Indeed, a 15-minute ride is ten euros. An additional charge is required for luggage. It is best to avoid taxis in peak hours because of traffic jams. There are taxis with disabled access with the possibility of booking by phone.

The public transport service in Barcelona is excellent. It is fast, clean and not expensive. Buses and trains are frequent and the wait is not very long. All information on schedules, fares and routes are available online.