The Tour de Corse


The Tour of Corsica

A vacation on an island is a dream that appeals to many, but a dream expensive and not accessible to everyone. If you do not have the means to leave at the end of the world, why not opt ​​for holidays in Corsica? Indeed, the island of beauty has nothing to envy to the paradise islands. If this tempts you, hang it takes you on a tour of Corsica.

Tour de Corse motorcycle

Corsica is a boon for bikers. With lifts his turns and roads not busy, enthusiasts of the two wheels find their happiness, they are also thousands to experiment every year. If the adventure tempts you too, here some tips that will facilitate your trip in Corsica. It is namely a tour of Corsica by motorbike takes planning in advance, you must establish your roadbook (route) or you may scatter and you miss the point. There is no such route. This will depend on you, what you want, how long your bike to escape and your ability to drive. Here are some suggestions for bike tours, you can follow, you inhale or just create your own: - Circuit 1: Ajaccio - Cargese - Porto - Calacuccia and Corte If you have the stamina and you like to drive a long distance, this circuit should please you. It stretches over 174 km, 4h achievable average and at a rate of 45km / h. This circuit provides not only thrills (lifts, turns and direct routes), but also allows to enjoy beautiful scenery along the way. If you plan to stop on the way, it is recommended to do the Creeks of Piana (called Calanche di Piana in Corsica). This is a geological rock formation World Heritage Site. These creeks are accessible from the D81 road. The Gulf of Porto and the Scala di Santa Regina also worth a visit. Beware of moisture makes the road slippery. Train also the abrupt crossing of cattle and pigs. It is best to ride during the day, so you have a good view of the road. - Circuit 2: Ajaccio to Corte This circuit is shorter than the previous one, it lasts only 84km or 1:20 at a rate of 60km / h. This itinerary offers the opportunity to discover the authentic Corsica, off the tourist path. On your way you browse the small villages full of charm. You also pass through pine forests, ideal for a picnic or a nap in the shade of trees. - Circuit 3: Balagne: A route along the corniche, it is spread over 97km or 2 hours drive at a rate of 50km / h. It is ideal for those who want to ride in with landscape, the blue of the Mediterranean. Do not forget to stop on your way and discover the small isolated villages. Also remember to mark a stop in Calvi and visit the citadel, the place of the water carrier, the Clemenceau street, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and the beach of the Pinewood.

Tour de Corse bike

Corsica is one of the favorite destinations for cycling in France. There are thousands every year to pedal along its shores and within its grounds. If you also plan to go around Corsica by bike, here are some suggested itineraries that will allow you to enjoy many of the Island of Beauty: - The Tour de Corse all starting from Bastia: a journey of 740 km or less feasible in 11 days. You begin your journey in Bastia, you then take the direction of Cap Corse, you follow the coast west to get to Sartene, you then go up by the Center to Corte Corsica and then you return to the starting point: Bastia. long journey indeed, but without too much difficulty, not too many passes and gentle slopes, so no trouble pedaling. - Turn around Corsica: Calvi to Ajaccio: a 170km journey by 5 days, about 35km per day. Course not very long and quite nice, only downside about 500 meters passes that are a bit tiring and then a sizable down. If you have the stamina, this course is for you. - The Tour of Corsica in Ajaccio in Ajaccio route for cyclists confirmed. It is quite long and punctuated by many passes. If you attempt this journey here are the details step by step: Step1: Ajaccio - Bastelicaccia - Bastelica - Cauro - Olmetto: 120 km or so. There are 9 passes in total. Step 2: Olmetto - Propriano - Sartene - Bonifacio: 80 km and 5 passes. Step 3: Bonifacio - Porto Vecchio - Zonza - Solenzara 106 km and 8 passes. Step 4: Solenzara - Ghisoni - Venaco - Corte 95 km and 3 passes. Step 5: Corte - Calacuccia - Ponte Leccia - Piedicroce - Folleli: 119 km and 2 passes. Step 6: Folleli - Bastia - Macinaggio - Centuri - Nonza - Saint Florent 142 km and 2 passes. Step 7: Saint Florent - L'Ile Rousse - Cateri - Montegrosso - Calvi: 100 km and 2 passes. Step 8: Calvi - Galeria - Porto - Piana 92 ​​km and 4 passes. Step 9: Piana - Evisa - Vergio - Porto - Piana 90 km and 2 passes. Step 10 (final stage): Piana - Cargèse - Sagone - Ile Sanguinaires - Ajaccio: 95 km and 6 passes.

Tour de Corse car

Between Calvi, Ajaccio, Ile Rousse, Bonifacio ... hard to choose one destination over another. But why choose? You can tour the island by car and enjoy and all its cities. First advice: not to scatter you, it is best to t

race your route in advance and mention about the time you have to spend in each city. Here for example a route that will allow you to travel the main tourist cities Corsica: - Step 1: Departure from Toulon to Bastia this crossing is performed exclusively at night around 21h or so and you arrive at Bastia in the morning at 7am. - Step 2: Bastia - Cap Corse - Saint Florent: a journey of about 110 km. Do not take the road immediately upon arrival, take the time to discover a little Bastia, the city is full of sights such as the ancient palace of the Genoese governors, the fortress, the church of St. Mary, the church St. John the Baptist, the chapel of the immaculate Conception in 1611 and the kiosk of the submarine Casabianca. Saint Florent also deserves that one lingers a few days. - 3rd stage: Saint Florent - Calvi and Porto a journey of 150 km. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful stages of this journey. You will pass through the desert Agriates. Contrary to what one might think, the Agriates desert is a territory in the dense vegetation, there are olive trees, oaks, arbutus, cistus, etc. The Agriate spreads over an area of ​​15 000 hectares approximately. Allow at least a good day in Calvi. A must see: the citadel, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Be sure to get to the place of water carrier and a ride along the rue Clemenceau. If you plan to take a dip, go to the beach at the Pinewood. - Step 4: Porto - Piana - Ajaccio: count 110 km away to browse this 4th stage of your self drive. Not to be missed on your way: the Creeks of Piana. If you plan to spend a few hours or days in Ajaccio do not ignore the Maison Bonaparte, the Imperial Chapel, the old town, the Borgu, Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral, Fesch Museum, to name only those. - Step 5: Ajaccio - Aullène - Propriano: a journey of 140 km, which alternates mountains and sea. It begins with the sea Portigliolo, takes you to Aullène and mountains and ends in Propriano - Step 6: Propriano - Bonifacio - Pinarellu a journey of 110 km or less. You will pass Sartène, Bonifacio, Porto Vecchio to finally get to Pinarellu. In Porto Vecchio take the time to visit the citadel, the bastion of France, Saint-Jean-Baptiste church and the lighthouse of the Chiappa. And go for a swim in Palombaggia. - Step 7: Pinarellu - Corte - Bastia: a 180 km route. Pinarellu one returns to the starting point Bastia via Corte. Corte pause to discover the city and its monuments: the citadel of the Annunciation church, Naziunale Palazzu, City Hall, the statue of Pascal Paoli and the hamlet Tavignano. - Step 8: Back on the mainland.

Tour of Corsica by boat

The coastline Corsica is undoubtedly one of the finest and most interesting in France. If you want to find out nothing beats a tour of the island by boat. Navigate Corsica allows you to discover places you'll struggle to reach by car, motorcycle or bicycle, such as the islands of Lavezzi. An archipelago located 10 km southeast of Bonifacio. It spreads over 5123 hectares and consists of the island of Porragia, Ratino the island Piana island, Sperduto islands, the island of Cavallo and Lavezzo island. Warning: the navigation is dangerous and because of the many reefs. So be very careful. If you do not speak well of navigation, it is best to hire an experienced skipper. You will surely have to stop from time to time to discover the Corsican towns, here is the list of all marinas: - Port Macinaggio (Cap Corse): 42 ° 57.7 N - 009 ° 27.3 E. - Port of Saint Florent: 43 ° 17.9 N - 009 ° 17.9 E. This port has 750 berths. - Port of Ile Rousse: 42 ° 38.5 N - 008 ° 56.4 E. It has 195 mooring berths: 33 for fishermen and 86 visitors. - Port Xavier Colonna (Calvi): 41,55,0 N - 008 ° 44.5 E. It has 380 seats, 160 of them are for visitors. - Port of Girolata: 42 ° 21.0 N - 008 ° 37.0 E. It has 150 mooring berths. This port offers no land access. - Port of Cargèse: 41 ° 07.9 N - 008 ° 35.9 E. Includes 217 Mooring places but only 35 are for passing boats. - Port Tino Rossi (Ajaccio): 41 ° 55.0 N - 008 ° 44.5 E. It has 260 seats, of which 80 are for transient visitors. It welcomes the boats with a length exceeding 60 meters. - Port Charles Ornano (Ajaccio): This is the largest Corsican port. It has 830 mooring berths, of which 160 are for visitors. - Port of Porto-Pollo 41 ° 42.5 N - 008 ° 47.8 E. It has 217 beds, 35 of them are for visitors. - Port of Propriano: 41 ° 42.5 N - 008 ° 47.8 E. It is a fishing port and marina. It has a capacity of 380 seats, 200 are for visitors. - Port of Pianottoli-Caldarello: 41 ° 28.5 N - 009 ° 03.3 E. Port of 200 seats, of which 120 are for passing boats. - Port of Bonifacio: 41 ° 23.2 N - 009 ° 09.8 E. Port 450 seats in total, of which 200 are for visitors. - Port of Port-Vecchio: 41 ° 35.5 N - 009 ° 17.3 E. It has a capacity of 540 seats, of which 150 are for passing boats. This port boats up to 40 meters. - Port of Solenzara 42 ° 51.4 N - 009 ° 24.3 E. This port is labeled "Blue Flag of Europe". It has 450 mooring berths, of which 150 are for passing boats. - Taverna Port: 42 ° 20.5 N - 009 ° 32.5 E. This port is also known as port name Campoloro. It has 464 seats, 100 of which are for visitors. - Old Port of Bastia: 42 ° 41.6 N - 009 ° 27.3 E. It can accommodate 267 boats. If we should recommend a single port that will without hesitation that one, it's the best on the island. - Port of Bastia-Toga: 4.6 42 ° N - 009 ° 27.5 E. This port has 357 rings. 150 of them for passing visitors. Good luck !

Tour of Corsica in motorhome

Drive around Corsica in motorhome is a good alternative if you want to discover several places in one trip. First of all, before you try it, you'll learn on the Internet experiences of other motorhome owners who have made the same journey. You will not fail to notice that the majority of tourists who went on this trip complained: narrow roads, wild parking of cars on the road that keeps campers spend, intimidation of the population, etc. After each experience. So your tower Corsica Motorhome goes well, here are some points to consider: - The period of travel if you do not want to cross a lot of people on the road, do not go to Corsica in the summer and rather prefer the spring. April-May is a great time, the temperatures are pleasant, so you can enjoy the sun and even swim, without having to endure the big days of heat and congestion on the roads and beaches. September is also conducive for a tour of the island in a motorhome. - Itinerary: by plotting your route remember to write breakpoints available to campers. This is not always hollowing to find. Many parking lots and rest tunes have high bars that do not allow access to the camper. - Wild Camping: parking at the roadside can be considered as illegal parking. Inquire well before parking your camper. - The city centers: avoid city centers, not only parking is almost impossible, in addition this is where the motorhome encounter the most problems with the local population. Follow these few tips and your journey will be fine.

Tour de Corse-du-Sud

The department of Corse-du-Sud is located in the boundary of the department of Haute-Corse. Its capital city of Ajaccio. This part of the island is very touristy, she is entitled each year thousands of tourists who come to discover its flagship cities, namely: Ajaccio, Porto-Vecchio, Propriano, Figari, Cargèse, Piana, Sartene and Porto. If this department tempt you, here are some business proposals: • Bonifacio: This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Corsican towns. Unlike other cities of the island, Bonifacio is built on a limestone cliff. Besides landscapes, the city attracts for its numerous monuments and buildings, including: - The Hermitage of the Trinity: it is the ideal place to rest, recharge and get away from the bustle of the city. Each September 8, the hermitage of the Trinity hosts many pilgrims. - The Staircase of the King of Aragon: a staircase of 189 steps. According to legend, this staircase was built in one night. Fact or fiction, this is another story. - Marin Cemetery San Franzé. - Bastion of the Standard. - Fire sponge: it is located on the Place d'Armes. - House of Podesta dating from the thirteenth century. - House Long Street, built in the fifteenth century. - Etc. Go to Bonifacio is the opportunity to discover its beautiful beaches, including: Maora, Sutta Roca, Tonnara, Balistra etc. • Ajaccio: If you like very tourist destinations, Ajaccio should please you. The city is famous for its beautiful beaches but also for its cultural and historical heritage. Exemplary is retained: - The House Museum Bonaparte: the house where Napoleon Bonaparte was born. Address: St. Charles Street - Website: - The imperial chapel. - The old town: beautiful with its narrow streets and traditional houses. - The citadel built in the sixteenth century. - L'Eglise Saint-Roch: a neoclassical building. - The international district: is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Ajaccio, it is home to buildings dating from the Belle Epoque. • Sartene The moment you arrive in Sartène are greeted by a sign that says "This is the most Corsican of Corsican towns". This gives immediately a taste to the visitors. The city is full of sights that are well worth a visit, such as: - The watchtower: is a building dating from the sixteenth century. At the time it was used to control the invaders who came from the sea. - The memorial: it is located on one of the liveliest squares in the city. - Liberation Square: a place full of life day and night. It is the place of rendezvous of Sartenais. - Roccapina: is a natural site located 22 km from Sartène. It is ideal for a walk one day.

Tour Corsica

Corsica is located north of the Island of Beauty. This department's capital city of Bastia and official code 2B. The main tourist towns in Corsica are: Bastia, Corte, Ile Rousse, Calvi and Saint Florent Pigna. Let's explore some tourist destinations in Corsica: • Bastia Bastia is classified City of Art and History, this says a lot about what to expect there. Among the star attractions we retain: - The former palace of the Genoese governors: it houses the municipal museum of Bastia. - The fortress dates from the sixteenth century. - The Church of St. Mary church building dating from 1495. - The Church of St. John the Baptist, this building baroque style is located near the Old Port, it dates from 1593. - The Chapel of the Immaculate Conception in 1611. - The booth of the submarine Casabianca: located on the Place Saint-Nicolas, one of the liveliest places in the city. • Calvi: Calvi is one of the most tourist cities of the Beauty Island, besides its economy is based mainly on this sector. If you plan to go there do not miss: - The citadel: its construction dates from the Genoese occupation. By visiting the citadel do not miss the house of Christopher Columbus, the Powder and the Sampiero barracks. - The Tower of salt: erected in 1897, it was used at the warehouse of time for salt, hence the name. The tower was classified a historic monument in 1992. - The Pinewood: if you want a good day at the beach go to the Pinewood. y There are many hotel establishments, restaurants, bars and cafes. • L'Ile Rousse: L'Ile Rousse deserves a detour during a visit in Corsica. The city is home to some interesting sights to discover, including: - The Church of The Immaculate Conception of Mary. - The Church of Mercy Convent called church. - The flagship Piétra. - The Market: historical monument. - The Tour de l'Ile Rousse also known as the Genoese tower. - Etc.

Tour de Corse: the must

If you plan to go around Corsica, but you do not have time to travel around the island, here are the best sights not to be missed: - Calanche of Piana: these creeks that lie between Ajaccio and Calvi. Here the hand of man has made discreet. The beauty of the place earned him a World Heritage designation by UNESCO. Are accessed Piana creeks via the D81 road. - Place St. Nicolas Bastia: if you want to dive into the life Bastia visit the Saint-Nicolas. This is a square full of life, where rendezvous children in the country. - Calvi Bay: This is undoubtedly the most beautiful bay in all Corsica. It is bordered by a sandy beach and lush vegetation. The scenery is simply breathtaking. - The small fishing villages: to find authentic Corsica, it is best to leave the beaten path and visit small little tourist villages like Centuri (Cap Corse). This little town is simply charming.

Corsica tower beaches

If it's swimming, sunbathing and relaxation that take you to Corsica, you will be served. Indeed, with its 1000 km of coastline, the Island of Beauty has plenty to satisfy the most demanding. Here is a partial list of the best beaches in Corsica, classified by region: Cap Corse: from the beaches of Cap Corse, is retained - Pietracorbara beach: a beautiful sandy beach that attracts many tourists in high season. It is ideal for families. - Beach Porticcio if you like quiet beaches and not too crowded with people, Porticcio beach should please you, it is much quieter than Pietracorbara. - Beach Macinaggio a sandy beach north of the port. Balagna: - Calvi Beach: a sandy beach which stretches over 6 km. It is bordered by restaurants, bars and cafes. There is also the jet ski resorts, windsurfing and catamaran. - Beach of Crovani: a pebble beach. It is suitable for families. - Range Ambroggio: a very authentic beach sand. Its atmosphere is far from the tourist beaches of Balagne. mainly included is the people of the region. Gulf of Ajaccio: - Beach of Minaccia: a sandy beach that spans almost 1 km. It is accessed from the D111 which takes the Sanguinaires Islands. - Beach of St. Anthony: a very narrow range of 250 meters. The setting is very intimate. - Beach of St. Francis: a sandy beach located close to the city center. It is crowded with people in the summer, get there early if you want to find a good place to lay your towel.

Tour de Corse "rally of 10,000 corners"

Amateur racing cars, the rally of 10,000 corners is an appointment not to be missed. This is one of the most important automobile races in France, its first edition in 1965. This car race is organized by the ASACC (Association Sportive Automobile Club of Corsica). The Rally of 10,000 corners is reputed to be one of the toughest and most dangerous. Its main feature is that it is conducted on a paved road, unlike other rallies that are on loam or gravel. Race dates change from one edition to another. To have all the necessary information, take a look at the following address: It contains information regarding the schedule of races, the drivers, the previous editions, etc. It only remains to wish you a pleasant stay in Corsica!