The European tour of Woody Allen

US director says love with New York, where he is most of his films, but he allowed himself a few infidelities in recent years: his most recent productions are held in Europe. London, Barcelona, ​​Paris and Rome: An Overview of European cities with Woody Allen .

Scoop (Sony Pictures, 2006)

Survey in London.
Woody Allen considers Britain as his second home and shot many films in London. In this delightful comedy thriller, Scarlett Johansson clumsy journalist and the director himself grumpy wizard, seeking to unmask the killer to legendary Tarot plaguing the capital. Their investigation leads them in the London slums and in the beautiful heart of the English aristocracy to flush out the killer (Hugh Jackman).

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (MGM, 2008)

The heat of a summer in Barcelona.
Two US spend the summer in Barcelona but their tranquility will soon disturbed by the eruption of a seductive painter (Javier Bardem) and volcanic ex-wife (Penelope Cruz). Everyone screams and falls into the arms, the characters drink wine, listen to Spanish music and exchange languorous kisses. The whole Catalan sensuality that is revealed in this film

Midnight in Paris (Sony Pictures, 2011)

The City of Light through time. Contemporary Paris that of the Belle Epoque through 1920
Gil and Inez, engaged, make a brief stay in Paris before their marriage. While Gil through the city in search of inspiration, he was embarked on a incredible journey to the past and the Paris of the 1920s, where he met celebrities of the time: Hemingway, Picasso, Dal & iacute ;. .. back in his time, fell in love with the city, he decided to stay to live there. Café de Flore in Place Colette, Woody Allen takes the viewer on a romantic and poetic Paris.

To Rome with Love (Sony Pictures, 2012) .

Rome four tables
An ensemble film in which four stories intertwine without ever meeting: the Trevi Fountain to the Caracalla Spa, one follows a modest local employee harassed by the paparazzi (Roberto Benigni), a new York misanthrope (Woody Allen), a young couple came to the Italian countryside to the capital and a tasty love triangle. This polyphonic walk around the Eternal City offers superb travel in small Roman streets.