The top of the best snow parks in France

If downhill skiing is still the pinnacle each winter on the slopes of resorts, snowboarding, latest activity, was able to break through and win a wider audience. Many like to alternate during their stay for winter sports and skiing day snow day, others devote themselves entirely to this addictive slides.

For fans of the genre, here is a summary of the best snow parks that can be found in French ski resorts, to maximize the sensations in your next snowboarding holiday.


Haute-Savoie, Avoriaz is one of the most popular resorts for skiing, but also appears in peak about snowboarding. His great snowpark melts in nature and presents tremendous opportunities for freeride, in addition to being green!

2.The 2 Alpes

Not far from there, in Isère, another snowpark which made many envious: Les 2 Alpes Freestyle Land. What a program, a course reworked every year, constantly improving, and what a blast on his snowboard for several days.

3.The Sept Laux

Ideal for a weekend slides from Grenoble, the friendly resort of Les Sept Laux also has a particularly famous snowpark. Big asset, the latter is suitable for all levels, from beginner footwear a snow for the first time the experienced rider.


A snow park offering vast possibilities, Chamonix in addition to the unique atmosphere of the resort, offering riders a premium playground. The snowpark is filmed continuously, all your deeds will be in the box!


In the Hautes-Alpes, Vars has built a solid reputation in the world of snowboarding through great efforts brought about the development of its snowpark. It now as a European reference!


This chic Savoyard resort does not forget to treat its sports facilities. Thus, its snowpark DC Area 43 is squarely aimed at snowboard pros. Sensations guaranteed through various modules of Méribel.

7.Font Romeu

It is not only in the Alps snowboarding's quality. Font Romeu, big Pyrenean resort houses also an excellent snow park that will appeal to all fans of the genre, beginners included.

8.La Plagne

A very complete snow park, which offers everything needed for gliding hours and some beautiful sensations with three circuits adapted to different levels of riders.


A large station as Tignes had to have a snowpark at, and it's done. If you want a pleasant change, the snowpark of Val d'Isère is not far either ... two for the price of one.

10.Saint Lary

In Pyrénéess, Saint-Lary is not the most famous resort but its snowpark made happy. Not necessarily very large, it is well finished though and enjoys personal ski lift, for multiplying raids at will.