Top events not to be missed in Montpellier in December

Montpellier is known to be an eventful city and cultural programming and there are even more that we are in full Christmas period. We have prepared a short list of events not to miss you, people of Montpellier or simple visitors.

1. Words instrument

The Hotel Magnol welcomes a new concert featuring the greatest honor composers such as Beethoven, Handel ... This concert is organized to benefit the Association Esperanz'Art! The evening of 12 December will be held in three stages. You will witness the presentation of instruments by Luthier then you will witness the magnificent concert and finally enjoy a privileged encounter with musicians, instrument makers and the whole, with a drink.

2. To be or not to be

Join us for this powerful and touching monologue at the Theater of the Mediterranean on December 28 at 8:30 p.m.. You will attend the doubts, anxieties of a comedian who decides to realize his dream of playing on stage ten mythical monologues of the greatest heroes of Shakespeare such as Othello, Macbeth, Hamlet .... you do you will come out unscathed <. / p>

3. Supercross Championship Final round of France sx

On December 12, at 19h, the Park & ​​Suites Montpellier will host the final of the championship of France SX Tour. If you want to be blown away, blown away by a show Freestyle motorcycle and are looking for an evening like no other while ensuring maximum breaks and entertainment.

4. Amaury Vassili sings Mike Brant.

Amaury Vassili, known and recognized as the youngest tenor in the world. opera singer but also French variety, the immense talent of Amaury Vassili is more to discuss. The Corum welcomes this great artist December 20 to 18h which will offer a breathtaking tribute to singer Mike Brant that are discovered or re-discovered the work with a new look, more modern.

5. Hsiang-Tse The Adventures

On December 29 at 20:30 will be played on Vista, the beautiful play about the adventures of Hsiang-Tse. Hsiang-Tse is a shooter rickshaw who lives in Beijing in the 20 and 30. We discover, through this play, the Beijing of that time, its festivals, its peddlers ... You will, without any doubt love this different way of thinking, this culture at the opposite of Western culture, the people, their joys and miseries. This is a beautiful room, with a sweetness and a great poetry.