TOP 6 swingers clubs and libertine Brussels


Brussels is the political capital of Europe but also the European Capital of openness and sharing of feelings between complicit partners around the libertinism and swingers. The fun places abound. Guided tour.

1 / Cocoon

The address of Leuvensesteenweg 42 is known for its well arranged four levels, with dining room, disco, sauna and indoor heated pool not always open, alcoves, rooms and maze. The property is also known for its theme nights.

2 / La Porte des Sens

Street of Hectoliter 5, quickly becomes wet it thinking this libertine club that needs to be sponsored or register via the networks on the Internet reserved for such sexual practices increasingly developed. Then Patrick and Elise will receive you in deep sofas to Eastern for your hugs or time to a buffet on the ground floor if you do not want to go further.

3 / Bermude

This is the Brussels sauna, Mercelis Street 86, near the Place Stephanie. The place of meeting is quieter than another Brussels swinger address, but also more relaxed. It all depends on what you are looking for. The rooms visible voyeurs stir excitement. But there is also a more intimate room.

4 / K-nal

This is the trendy club lounge of Brussels with its cozy atmosphere at the edge of the Albert Canal. The avenue of the port is a beautiful place to go for couples sharers. The Secret Girls are there to warm the atmosphere.

5 / Ventuparty

This is another hot sauna Brussels, on Rue Defacqz 15 in Ixelles, near Brussels. to each his method of approach.

6 / Empire

To get in legs, nothing better than a striptease bar in a hot area, Street Circus 7. Slavic dancers excite couples come to get excited with beautiful movements lascivious around the bar . Admission is free, but the glass is expensive. But we love open 7 days / 7 and shows from 22:00 to 6:00.