Top 10 scenic views in London


London is good, but London from above, it's great. Forget your dizzy, take the altitude and discover the top 10 scenic views of the British capital.

Tower 42

The tallest building London, a must when visiting the British capital. It offers one of the most breathtaking views of the city. A small passage Champagne bar Vertigo 42 is required.

London eye

The eye of London, with its 135 meters in diameter is the big wheel the largest in Europe. The London Eye offers spectacular views in all directions.

Tower Bridge

The lift bridge most famous of London, with its scales and its two towers reminiscent of the castles. A splendid view of the River Thames, 43 meters high.

Golden Gallery

The highest point of the St. Paul's Cathedral. The Golden Gallery is high 85 meters. It will climb 528 steps to enjoy the wonderful sight of Londoners street from the gallery.

The Monument

The Monument to the Great Fire of London , a column of 61 meters in height located 61 meters from the place where the great fire of London began. 311 steps that take you to a splendid view of the streets of London.

Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill is a 78m hill located in the Camden district in London. You can enjoy completely free of the panoramic view from the top of the hill on the center and south-east London.

London Bridge

Top 9 meter London bridge has long been the only bridge across the Thames and offers a wonderful view of the river and southwark.

Oxo tower

a chic bar and restaurant just above the Thames where you can dine with the impression of flying over the river. You can also enjoy a beautiful view of St. Paul's Cathedral.

Hotel Trafalgar

The gardens on the roofs of the Trafalgar Hotel will make you enjoy a view panoramic many London attractions such as the London Eye or the National Gallery.

decker bus Londoner

There is nothing like a walk in the streets of London Imperial bus . Discover the small streets with just enough altitude. An experience not to miss.