Top 10 legendary ski slopes

Every ski resort that respects has its share of tough black runs, steep, hunchbacks, difficult, with lovely feelings through exceptional landscapes ... but for experienced skiers!

Among the many tracks, some still hoist a notch above their fellows if we can say: it is the mythical slopes, steps from the ski world cup where the cream of the cream of the face is World skiing, theater major sporting events of the past and crowning legendary champions, maximum difficulty, decor unusual, special making them unique in their kind ...

There are many criteria for a ski slope becomes downright legendary ... These tracks, if you feel in the guts and level, are within reach, because many of them are France, if not in Europe, in the Alps of course. For who enjoy a challenge, here's a top 10 legendary ski slopes: guaranteed sensations slides .

1.La Streif in Kitzbuhel

Check out the track at an altitude of 1665m, 800m lowest finish for a length of about 3km: between the two, a dizzying track, the most legendary in the world. The difficulty of the Steif between maddening altitude, maximum speed and jumping several meters, is not easy to imagine for the average skier. This Austrian track was the scene of great performance as ruthless falls.

2.La Facing Val d'Isère

Val d'Isere, French resort well known for the quality of its ski area, home to a track that is the regular subject of a stage of the World Cup skiing: the Face de Bellevarde. A very dark black, 3km descent, nearly 1000m to hit between the start and finish, better know to securely hold on skis before embarking on the face ... but the satisfaction after the adrenaline of descent is the best reward!

3.Casserousse Chamrousse

A legendary track in many respects, but above all for nostalgic remembering the gold medal at the 1968 Olympics by the great French ski champion Jean-Claude Killy. And even the best, the challenge remains high in this box bumps narrow and difficult.

4.Harakiri Mayrhofen

The name of this track seems very suggestive in itself. We are in the Mayrhofen resort in Austria, which takes particular its reputation from its famous Harakiri track, the steepest in the country simply. A slope to 78% on average descent 150m, it gives an idea of ​​what awaits you.

5.La Saslong in Val Gardena

Val Gardena is an Italian ski resort, in the Dolomites. The landscape is beautiful, and to see shows at full speed, go on Slalong, one track at a time long, arduous and spectacular. Rock walls, jumps that are linked, more than 1000 meters of altitude stepped on 3.5km of track, it takes stamina and guts.

6.The No Chavanette Avoriaz

A track that certainly gives you vertigo once planted at the top ... to peak, this is the best description that we can make no Chavanette, the most legendary and most sought after tracks area of ​​Avoriaz, which account yet you need for skiing. A steep black run, littered with countless bumps, nicknamed the 'Swiss Wall' '... no need to say more?

7.Nera Matterhorn in Zermatt-Cervinia

A mythical mountain, the Matterhorn is the background scenery of the black track Nera Cervino, which is on the side of Zermatt, the fashionable Swiss resort, but the Italian side towards Cervinia. Scenery breathtaking, the track allows race down a breathtaking altitude on the south face of the Matterhorn, which requires from skiers endurance and fitness at the top.

8. The Lauberhorn in Wengen

Among the tracks included in the World Cup ski program, the Lauberhorn is deemed as one of the most dangerous ... Caution is a must face the difficult passages that must be crossed before arrival: vertiginous jumps 40m, rocks, turns 90 & deg ;, and even narrow tunnel under an aqueduct, a descent reserved for those who are firmly hooked heart.

9.The Mont Fort in Verbier

Swiss side of the Alps, Verbier is well known freeriders for its immense possibilities for off-piste skiing through beautiful landscapes. Marked black but not groomed, the Mont Fort ski run is the most difficult but also the most beautiful of all the tracks of the station: from the start, at the summit of Mont Fort at 3330m above sea level, panoramic views including Mont Blanc , the Matterhorn and the Swiss Alps. Beautiful!

10.The Tunnel Alpe d'Huez

Since the Pic Blanc perched 3330m above sea level, this is the most exciting track Alpe d'Huez. The reason ? A passage 200m through a tunnel dug directly into the mountain marks the exclamation point of this black run, which fails to finish almost vertically for one of the steepest slopes of the Alps! Restricted to skiers course ...