The TOP 10 libertines and swingers clubs in Paris


Paris is this sensual capital. Libertines cultivate their art with a multitude of more or less secret addresses. Ten high places of debauchery available to you. Between romance and sex.

1 / Candles

If DSK and Thierry Ardisson have spoken of the establishment, Valerie continues to provide the same service as before, with magical moments for all the sensual couples. Dinner Candlelight in plush surroundings worth seeing. The eyes shine and it's exciting to be the first trails in dining. Dancefloor hugs and space allow spending to hug naughty confidence. Ideal for young couples who want to learn. Valet parking and entry selection. 1 Rue Therese, 75001 Paris.

2 / Overside

A long bar, a VIP lounge, a beautiful elevated dance floor and has two beautiful bars to dance. The space is comfortable and cuddly limited access to only men. Beginners are very well received. But in the late evening, the atmosphere gang bang is felt and are not that greedy. Girls like to be their first striptease. 92, rue du Cherche-Midi, Gallery Sevrien, 75006 Paris.

3 / Mask

A great place to indulge in debauchery. Here the chic atmosphere is not stuffy. Many benches and lounges allow to get to know not to panic on the track. Kiss, caress that you like, libertines moments are very successful here. 18, rue Feydeau, 75002 Paris.

4 / Moon City

Welcome to Pigalle for an exotic and chic place. The most beautiful libertine sauna-steam all over the capital invites you to the pleasure of 1,200 m2 with Indian ambience. Lounge bar, spa, sauna ... The size of the establishment gives you the impression of being on vacation at Club Med but with the certainty of finding a nice to naughty pleasures. Very cosmopolitan with a mix and beautiful people of all ages. 34, Boulevard de Clichy, 75018 Paris.

5 / Taken

Beautiful way eighteenth century decor. Beautiful naughty address for sensual couples on the Ile Saint-Louis. The clientele is upscale but not snobbish. Stone walls, dance floor, podium, exhibition bar ... Everything is there to tempt and heat the atmosphere before joining comfortable benches. A square VIP Do not miss the opportunity to eat and enjoy a bathroom worthy of the luxury hotels. 8, rue Le Regrattier, 75004 Paris.

6 / Cupid

Two floors, two bars. A few hugs rooms with showers nearby allow to decorate his evening with swingers. Naughty themes vary nightly. Regulars preferred before, but the place remains a benchmark of rogue Paris. 3 Villedo Street, 75001 Paris.

7 / No Comment

The libertine club near the Champs Elysees, you can enjoy a sexy smoker and a comfortable shower. Nice cozy atmosphere for the restaurant to watch and to be desired before losing in the love-rooms. 59 bis, rue de Ponthieu, 75008 Paris

8 / Club WE Magnifique

500 m2 of fun near the Pompidou Center, in the heart of Paris! Nine floors allow to offer dance floors with exhibition bar and a bubble bath, not to mention delicious lounges hugs. Mr and Mrs be with onions for tender or intimate moments in a beautiful setting. Ideal for threesomes. 83, rue Quincampoix, 75003 Paris.

9/41 Club

The very erotic place opens swingers practices. The location allows for a drink with discretion, to seduce and cross personalities from sports and entertainment. Everything is possible and nothing is compulsory. Only the desire to guide you 41. The theme nights are very original. 41, rue Quincampoix, 75001 Paris.

10 / Ch√Ęteau des Lys

The name is found. wish to exciting. Mimi invites you to his castle with three floors reserved for licentiousness. A large round bed will give you naughty desires. On the track, only great people and the opportunity to get a personal locker. Opportunity to take a shower in good company. Valet parking on weekends. 103, rue Marcadet, 75018 Paris.

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Whether you are a libertine or become aware that Paris has a multitude of clubs libertines more or less well known by institution . Check out this page libertines clubs trends of the moment ...

From Montaigne to Sade, through Cyrano de Bergerac or Don Juan, libertarianism has always managed to find a place in society.
Today, the libertine clubs experiencing sharp rise since many years now. We find this type of facilities in most major European cities, particularly in the French capital & hellip;

Although Paris is the world capital of romance, this city is also full of many places with charm and sensuality & hellip; Swingers clubs allow their guests there do naughty meetings to share experiences libertines without moderation & hellip;
Good to know about the practice of debauchery

For a real treat during a libertine evening, it is strongly advised to be well informed on the institution organizing this type of event. A libertine club worthy of the name must in particular have a good distribution of men / women / couples according to the theme of the evening. For example, go for a couples night if you and your partner wanted to participate in a swingers party.

It is also essential to discuss with his / her partner desires and limitations of each, in order to avoid any misunderstanding in a place that is not very suitable for a domestic scene;

If you are looking for a swingers club in Paris, find here the best clubs, sauna and steam room specialized in organizing swinger parties. Check out the description and all the information to choose the libertine setting that best suits your needs.