Top 10 most visited attractions in Barcelona


Barcelona is a wonderful city where living is not enough to enjoy the charm of the city and its attractions. That's why we offer you a top 10 of the most popular attractions and the most visited in Barcelona history to organize your holiday before departure. If we were to advise the attraction site attracts more crowd it would be "La Sagrada Familia Antoni Gaudi '. This is a very large temple designed by the architect in question and took almost 80 years to finish. It's so huge that you have to find out just out of curiosity!

The second attraction is the Barcelona Aquarium, located in the old port of Barcelona, ​​this attraction pleases enormously to children but also to large, so do not deprive yourself and discover the underwater kingdom.

El Poble Espanyol de Montjuic, is probably the third site in terms of attendance. It can be reached by metro is just 15 minutes from the resort. It is a replica of a small village containing all types of architecture of the Spanish regions that you may cross during a tour of all cities in Spain. You can also find a wide selection of Spanish handicrafts

We recommend later La Pedrera. - Casa Mila of Antoni Gaudi. It is also known as La Pedrera, which means the quarry. This is actually to visit to discover the genius of this architect.

The museum of FC Barcelona is also very interesting if you are interested in football. Imagine a museum dedicated to this legendary team trophies, statues, photos ...

Barcelona Zoo also attracts many people. It is located in the Parc de la Ciutadella. It is ideal for a family day !!

And how could we not mention the Picasso Museum. Imagine a place where you can see Picasso's paintings in chronological order. You can discover the works of his childhood until his last years.

The IMAX Theater is to visit, meanwhile, just after the Barcelona Aquarium because it is located right next door. It is a great cinema which projects ED very good films.

The Miró Museum (as the name suggests, shows many works of Miró since 1914 until .. in his last days the opportunity to discover a great artist

Finally, the National Museum of Catalan Art also knows that a place among the greatest attractions; the program: all Catalan art!