Top 10 aquariums in France

In terms of visitors here in descending order 10 most visited aquariums of France:

1. La Rochelle Aquarium

La Rochelle Aquarium is located in the heart of La Rochelle near the Old Port, it is one of Europe's largest private aquariums. Each year it hosts more than 800,000 visitors, making it the most visited aquariums in France. On a surface of 8445 m2, it exposes more than 12 000 animals from 600 different species.

2. Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

The Museum and Institute of Oceanography Monaco is a sea museum and Oceanographic Institution founded by Prince Albert I of Monaco. Designed from the outset as a palace dedicated to the science and art, it is intended to present the results of scientific surveys. The museum contains about 4000 species of fish and invertebrates families. Its 650,000 annual visitors make it one of the main tourist attractions of Monaco.

3. Nausicaa

Nausica & aacute; is a center of discovery of the marine environment, located in Boulogne-sur-Mer in northern France. It consists of a museum and a public aquarium (considered one of the largest in Europe). With 850 000 visitors a year (including 40% foreigners), it is the first tourist site in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region.

4. Océanopolis

Océanopolis is a center of scientific culture dedicated to the ocean, located in Brest, close to the marina from the Moulin Blanc. Océanopolis offers a scientific approach to the marine environment as a whole. In addition to the pools, different media (video, kiosks, signs ...) provide additional information on the biology of species, protection of environment, ecosystem functioning ...

5. Aquarium Mare Nostrum,

Mare Nostrum Aquarium is a public aquarium of the Montpellier, located in the Odysseum district. Mare Nostrum discover nearly 400 species from all the world's oceans. The aquarium also has a theater with a panoramic view of the ocean central basin.

6. Grand St Malo Aquarium

The Greater Saint Malo Aquarium is located at the entrance of the walled city. One can observe 11,000 animals of the marine world 600 different species. On average, 360 000 people annually visit this aquarium, making it the first private tourist facilities most visited Britain.

7. Sea Life Paris

The Sea Life Paris is a theme and fun aquarium located in the international trading center of Val d'Europe in Marne-la-Vallee close to Disneyland Paris.

8. Océarium Croisic

9. City of the Sea

Cité de la Mer is a scientific and recreational park, located in Cherbourg, devoted to underwater exploration and discovery of the deep.

10. Aquarium Grand Lyon

Lyon Aquarium is an aquarium located in the city of La Mulatière in the Rhône department. It consists of 40 aquariums housing 5000 specimens over 450 species represented.