Skiing outside school holidays: pros and cons

Each year at the approach of winter, winter sports again become the main theme of the holidays. But the ski season is not homogeneous. She knows attendance peaks, corresponding to school holidays when it is easier to go for families and quieter times

ski season and school holidays

The school holidays so punctuate the ski season. Since November, the first few stations open. This is from early December that the bulk of French resorts welcome the first skiers, then close around the months of April-May depending on the areas. In between, several holiday periods punctuate the season:

- Christmas holidays December 19 to January 4 all areas. First peak attendance of the season, the stations begin to run at full speed.

- February holidays : February 6 to March 7 zones A, B and C. A month where stations are the busiest, the high season in sum .

- The spring holidays : 2 April- May 2 zones A, B and C. The ski season falls, but many stations are still open and passable in the Alps in particular.

Between the two peak periods, except school holidays: December, January, March are as many months that go skiing, with real advantages but also some disadvantages .

The advantages outside school holidays

Among the notable advantages, some serious arguments for departures outside school holidays:

- Cheaper holidays : less demand corresponds to lower prices. This applies equally to all inclusive holidays you can book online or vacation rentals type apartment or cottage. Staying in the resort is cheaper outside school holidays, and some nice specials are to grasp as well.

- At least Ski is on the entire stay and save. Packages ski areas are cheaper outside school periods, you can do good business in terms of renting your equipment (ski, snowboard, etc ...).

- Less people on the tracks : no endless waiting time at ski lifts, less crowded slopes, the area is up to you !

- quieter stations staff less stressed, more available, less full of restaurants, shops also, in short, except holidays, the resorts are quieter .

- Snow in January January is an ideal month for skiing because the snow conditions are usually optimal. March is a month not to be underestimated as well.

- No major departures on the road : what more formidable than being stuck in traffic in both directions ?

The disadvantages excluding holidays

A few drawbacks to consider also,

- Snow at certain times in December or u April, periods of low attendance, the snow conditions are more uncertain .

- Areas partially open it sometimes results in areas open partially. This also applies to small seasonal stations at full capacity only when attendance peaks (weekends, holidays ...).

- Less animations and services : fewer people, it is also less entertainment in the resorts, especially for children. Some services are reduced, shuttles and transport for example ...