The Morpho - Kaw Swamp


How can I express my feelings for eighteen hours of surfing the marshes under the leadership of the crew of Morpho? That will be difficult. The professionalism of Jacques, his desire to do everything to make his guests happy. The jurisdiction of Erik's guide, there are many. The sky too. An enchanting sunset, a starry night as rarely a storm threat but merely surround us and a thousand little unusual things made this trip a delight.

Fifteen hours Jacques gathers his flock. We will be we two, two groups of four youths and a man of about sixty years, eleven people. We must take off our shoes. My gypsy side relishes the pleasure of feeling the ground, to become one with the boat by walking barefoot. This will add to the fun will I feel during the hours spent on this Morpho.

The storm threatens, the sky grew dark, the light is grazing on the water turns black by absorbing the sky.

I demand an explanation regarding Erik these tiny green grass islands that float and sail to the speed of the current. The unusual rains in October have destabilized the grassy plots with small parts are detached. This complicates navigation. They eventually clog the estuary. The only solution is to retain its mini-floating near using piles.

Prepare your K-Way, Erik ad! No need to panic, the clouds around us and will not yield a drop of water on our heads. The nature and the sky resumed their color. Egrets, herons, tyrants, and a whole bunch of other birds I do not remember the name settle on the grass, shrubs or moucous-moucous. The nests of the Tyrant, huddled between the branches blurts light feathers. Nests socks (they hang) are those of the weavers.

egrets pose with their whiteness through the green of the swamp.

Seventeen hours. The sun takes its warm colors. Fans dive for a swim in the swamp. On leaving they are quick to join the non-swimmers, the Morpho roof for drinks. Erik is master of ti-punch. While we taste, Jacques prepares tables and dinner.
different view from the roof, allows to fully appreciate the changing colors of the landscape. Blue, pink, yellow sky slips into the water color nature bronze. The sun slips behind the trees, igniting the horizon and the river eager to beautify switches in unison. Clouds become red, take unexpected forms. The moon rises over a navy blue sky. His star follows, others are quick and light up the sky for the most beautiful festival of lights.

The table is set. Jacques joined us on the roof with his guitar. This mini-concert, which we share our best in this wonderful setting is magical.

Attracted by the light, or babos grains de café, small beetles, invaded the hall of Morpho.
You want to taste? This eats!
No problem. After my tarantula in Cambodia, a babo in Guyana!
The head and wings are torn and the insect bite by bite. This is neither good nor bad!
The meal it is delicious!

lift on the roof while the beds with mosquito nets are installed.
The swamp was silent. Everything is calm. We look in vain eyes sniper caimans shining in the night. In Jacques and Erick evening with their headlamp see the red eyes of the animal, but as soon as the boat approaches we hear a splash and nothing more. Before we had time to see it, the animal disappeared in the water.

Under a starry ceiling as I have rarely seen, in a pleasant temperature to be on this boat that glides silently on a deceptively sleepy water, amid a lethargy in vegetation, is a particularly tasty sensation.

After a good night (in the top bunk, Marie-France in the bottom one) I get up around six. I go immediately to the roof. The swamp hidden under the fog is filled with mystery. Howler monkeys furnish a thick atmosphere background of swamps in the morning. It keeps its beauty. He awakens. The water warms and his warm breath hunting mist. The blue dissolves the fog and sun passing over the moucous-moucous floods the Morpho and illuminates nature. The birds resume their flights, a hoazin lets see atop a grove. All is not as green and blue. We return to the port of Kaw.

I put my shoes, I take my bag, I bid farewell to Jacques and Erik.
The magic is over!

Jeanine BUOT