The world of kabuki

Discover another side of Japanese culture during your stay discovering the world of Kabuki. With over four centuries, Kabuki is a Japanese art classified by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage. A unique opportunity to become familiar with one of the best known Japanese drama. Feast for the eye, Kabuki mystique still fascinates tourists and today has more and more fans. Transport yourself to the heart of the Edo period (seventeenth century to the 1860s). Amid a Japanese theater enter the chance to meet the most surprising creatures: men disguised as women, amazing costumes, amazing makeup and music that will make you take off. All the ingredients are there to take you elsewhere. During more than four hours, traveling between the most beautiful love stories and fairy accounts. Sometimes you'll discover the tragic stories of the popular class. A chance to know the whole story without needing to understand the words! Indeed, the scenes are so well played, the actors are so expressive through their gestures, that you will feel involved without even realizing it.

With over 1500 spectators. You'll get to vibrate through the rhythms of traditional Japanese music. Throughout the year, a varied program awaits you. In the beginning of each afternoon, be prepared to be transported each day in another world. The intrigue fans will love be immersed in this new colorful world and emotions. Surrender! More on: