The guide of the Paris underground


Paris is a city of culture, of course, but also against-culture. Many places, implanted for decades or freshly installed, make the capital a great hideout for underground enthusiasts. Because between drink and read, it is not necessary to choose, follow the guide for a walk in bookstores and bars of Paris underground.

From the underground day ...

The bookstore Shakespeare & Co

In this dusty library worthy of Harry Potter, you will find first editions, journals and English and American novels opportunity. Rock concerts are often organized there and do not be surprised to find mattresses or beds: Shakespeare & Co serves as a temporary home to penniless writers !

  • 37 Rue de la Bucherie, 75005 Paris (M & deg; Cluny-La Sorbonne)
  • Open Monday to Friday from 10h to 23h Saturday and Sunday from 11h to 23h

    The library Modern look

    A symbol of underground culture for nearly 40 years. Novels, comics and fanzines around the against-culture are present in numbers. In narrow rays, you can even cross Patti Smith, who often goes there during his visits to Paris, and seek advice from Jacques, the bookseller, a real passion for music.

    • 10 Rue Git-le-Coeur, 75006 Paris (M & deg; St. Michael)
    • Open Monday to Saturday from 10:30 to 20 hours

      The library Parallel

      A Paris institution since 1972, landmark lovers rock culture. In this large tote library, thousands of books on music, photography or street art alongside humanities essays, comics, thrillers and used discs.

      • 47 Rue Saint-Honore, 75001 Paris (M & deg; Les Halles)
      • Open Monday to Saturday from 10h to 19h

        The Monte-in-air

        This concert-hall-library art gallery has it all: a cabinet of curiosities where one can find unusual or disturbing works, a showroom which hosts shows and openings, and finally, a spacious library that offers a wide range of graphic novels, comics and poetry.

        • 2 rue de la Mare, 75020 Paris (M & deg; Ménilmontant)
        • Open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 20pm on Sundays from 13h30 to 20h

          In the happiness of the day

          established in front of an old brothel, this gallery specializes in erotic art exhibits etchings and photographs equivocal and libertines objects, all in a real atmosphere boudoir (hangings of pink and red velvet upholstered chairs leopard fabric, naughty trinkets ...).

          • 11 rue Chabanais, 75002 Paris (M & deg; or Pyramids Quatre Septembre)
          • Open Tuesday to Saturday from 2:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. (or by appointment)

            underground rides in the capital

            Underground Paris collective The offering excursions on foot or bicycle in the capital to discover the important places of street art: you will survey the Butte aux Cailles or historic districts of art of street northeast of the city (Belleville, Ménilmontant ...). It also organizes graffiti workshops open to beginners.

            • Tours:

              - Pedestrian walk: Thursday and Saturday at 11 am for a period of 3 hours . Start at 105 rue Oberkampf, 75011, Paris , opposite the Coffee Place Verte (M & deg; Parmentier)
              Price. 20 €
              - bicycle ride: Saturday at 10 am for a 3:30 time. Two possible routes, starting near the metro Richard Lenoir
              Price:. € 20 + € 12 for the bike rental

              • Workshops:

                - Graffiti Workshop: variable dates and places, duration of 4h .
                Price: 95 €

- stencil workshop: Thursday and Saturday at 15h, for a duration of 1:30. In the Jordan subway
Price. 20 €

Finally, feel free to stroll to suit your needs in the 11th district , historic Parisian underground source (including the streets Oberkampf and Keller ) or in the alleys of the neighborhood Bercy-Tolbiac , the spot of the renewal of cons-culture in the capital. You will find number of addresses still too little known but well worth a visit!

... the night underground !

Nightmates Tattoo

This atypical bar does not serve cocktails: it can also be a tattoo or piercing! In this former stronghold of the Hell's Angels, we appreciate the decor halfway between the dark world of Tim Burton and the world of bikers. You will be inked skin in hygiene blameless and a friendly atmosphere!

  • 94 rue Ourcq 75019 Paris (M & deg; Crimea)
  • Open daily from 20h to 1h
  • Tattoo: control by variable price
  • bar: around 10 €

    The Candelaria

    The Candelaria is an underground place in the literal sense: on the surface, a restaurant seemingly harmless; below, an underground bar, in the wake of the Berlin clubs. You can order beautiful Cuban cocktails, taste the Mexican street food and candlelight in a lounge atmosphere.

    • 52 rue de Saintonge, 75003 Paris (M & deg; Filles du Calvaire)
    • Open Tuesday to Sunday from 12h to 23h - The cocktail bar opens at 18h
    • Cocktails at 12 €

      The Cannery

      blue walls, plum sofas and subdued lighting: in this original setting, Cannery offers original cocktails and appetizers, signed by great names of French gastronomy ... served in cans! You can enjoy them during the Monday evening jazz or electronic sessions of the weekend.

      • 37 rue du Sentier, 75002 Paris (M & deg; Good News)
      • Open Monday and Tuesday from 18h to 0h Wednesday to Friday from 18h to 2h Saturday from 20h to 2h .
      • Restaurant for 30 €
      • Cocktails between 8 € and 13 €

        The Wave Mechanics

        This rockers bar welcomes you in a jumble of objects and retro vintage furniture. In the cellar, the basement, ska groups, punk or metal are scheduled every night, even on Sundays! The atmosphere is young and decidedly rock: you must expect to pogo !

        • 8 Thiéré Passage, 75011 Paris (M & deg; Ledru-Rollin)
        • Open Monday from 18h to 2h
        • Beverages between € 4 and € 7
        • The entrance to the bar is free and access to the cellar costs € 6

          The ephemeral point

          This artistic squat 1400 m & sup2; supported by the City of Paris organizes concerts, shows and exhibitions in a halfway frame between art deco and industrial: bare concrete walls, a multitude of graffiti and huge glass roof overlooking the all. Atmosphere rock, pop and electronica for evenings on the Canal Saint-Martin.

          • 200 Quai de Valmy, 75010 Paris (M & deg; Jaurès)
          • Open Monday to Saturday from 18h to 0h Sunday from 19h to 23h
          • Enter: 10 € to 20 € depending on program

            Le Gibus

            Open since 1970, this concert hall is the nerve center of the Parisian underground: groups like Telephone or police played in the 1980s and rock has now given it its place in hip-hop. You will meet improbable looks and cutting-edge methods in ever lively evenings!

            • 18 Rue du Faubourg du Temple, 75011 Paris (M & deg; Republic)
            • Open Friday and Saturday from 7am to 0h other days as programmed
            • Admission: € 15 to € 20 depending on event

              The Truskel

              Beers cheap, a good atmosphere and roots rock sound: the Truskel welcomes you in a good frame child, sometimes without finesse but always friendly. Musical programming irreducibly rock'n'roll all night and ensured fiesta in this celtic-viking ad!

              • 12 Rue Feydeau 75002 Paris (M & deg; Exchange)
              • Open Tuesday to Friday from 19h to 5am on Saturday from 20h to 5h
              • Beer and cocktails at € 2.50 from € 8

                The Barbershop

                In this den of street art, temporary exhibitions and paintings of young Parisian artists are regularly presented. Enjoying lunch at an affordable price, you can browse art books and fine design made available or listen to music programming hip-hop, funk and soul of the weekend.

                • 68 Avenue de la République, 75011 Paris (M & deg; Rue Saint-Maur)
                • Open Monday to Friday from 9am to 2am on Saturday from 11am to 2am on Sundays from 11h to 18h
                • Restaurant: € 13 on weekdays, noon € 22 brunch weekend
                • Cocktails between € 10 and € 13 (€ 5 happy hour)

                  The Golden Arrow

                  Under the canopy of the old station Charonne, the Golden Arrow offers two concerts each evening from 20h to turn into electro club on weekends to 23h. His eclectic musical programming and avant-garde, varied cocktail menu and exceptional setting make it a must for the Parisian underground.

                  • 102 Rue de Bagnolet, 75020 PARIS (M & deg; Porte de Bagnolet)
                  • Open Tuesday to Friday from 20h to 2h Saturday and Sunday from 20h to 6h
                  • Admission: € 8 (with consumption included)
                  • Pint 5.50 € and cocktails from 8 €