The average budget for a trek in Nepal

Trek au Népal?

Before you trek in Nepal, it is important to her little tally to provide a budget for each of the travelers. During a stay, everything related lodging and meals are the points that bring the most to spend. This is also the case in Nepal as the price of a lodge in the mountains around 100 rupees. Side food, a basic meal without alcoholic beverage equivalent to 250 rupees or 2.5 euros. Without guide or porter, the traveler must provide 8 to 15 euros per day.

The cost of a trek in Nepal with a travel agency can reach 35 to 100 US per day. Note that all luggage visitors must be delivered to the back carrier which is why prices may significantly rise in some remote areas of Nepal. For a trek, travelers can spend between 25 to 50 euros per day through an agency.