The average budget for a stay in a hotel in Paris


Generally, the price of a night in a hotel room is relatively expensive in Paris but not from the existence of the chain hotels at very affordable prices. In the French capital, there is a chain Formule 1 offers rooms for a price between 40 and 60 euros a night. And for about 4 euros extra, the visitor is entitled to a breakfast very interesting when he awoke. This feast consists of a baguette, yogurt, cereal, and fruit juices.

During the holidays, the biggest cost is definitely accommodation. For those on a budget next concern, the best for them is to take hostels, which are rented from 19 € night in dormitories. This solution is uncomfortable, but very economical. Another way to spend a nice stay is to rent an apartment that is rented from 22 € the night.

But if the tourist decides to rent a room in Paris, he must devote at least 75 € per night. Some hotels may offer promotions where you can get a room for 65 €.