Lascaux in the Limousin and its sights

The famous eponymous caves are located outside the city in Montignac Lascaux, St Peter's church we visit parts of which are classified as historical monuments. Anecdotally, there is also the miracle fountain that would have the power to erase fears. In the town of Lascaux, hotel establishments are located outside of the city. For an overnight stay, you can have rooms for 30 euros, as 200 euros depending on the desired comfort. You have to go too far to the field of angelaud Coussac Bonneval to find the best price, but there are also large areas and a lake nearby. On the road to Périgueux, the Auberge de la Mandrie is also economical: its buildings formerly used as a school. In Créol'a, you are close to nature, the sea and the river over the Internet over Wi-Fi and personalized rooms decorations. Major asset, facilities are provided for the reception of persons with reduced mobility. If you have the money, try a stay at the Château de Castel Novel, a 4-star hotel. The splendid property extends to the horizon.