Lacanau, the French city of surfing

The name of the resort of Lacanau refers to the Atlantic Ocean that hosts a stage of the World Championship surfing every year. Around the village, enjoy the beach and dunes, but also of the Landes forest and lake. The surrounding hotels of Lacanau offer prices that are around 50 to 70 euros. Among the hotels that line the beach, one can find very economical Hotel Coast money and double or triple rooms. In the same price range, there is also the Atmosphere Sablée on Avenue Marie Curie which is a bit farther from the bustling beach while staying nearby. One can easily rejoin the Emile Lacaze walk. Hourtin outside the city, count the Hotel Les Pins and its terrace by the pool. The Vitanova hotel is among the most prominent of Lacanau on the road Baganais: it compensates its distance from the beach through its 3 star service, spa, and fitness center. One can also enjoy two pools inside and outside the complex.