Eiffel Tower


The Eiffel Tower

Thanks to the 1889 World Expo that Gustave Eiffel eventually offer its tower in the world, as to border the Seine his beloved Paris. From there, the monument has become the very emblem of the city and the entire country. From its 300 meters, the tower has long been regarded as the highest building in the world, some even say that the Eiffel Tower is one of the wonders of the world. It is also one of the most visited tourist destinations in France every day. With more than 7 million visitors a year, it is the essential site for tourists from around the globe.

The Eiffel Tower rates

Want to breathe the fresh air, enjoy a breathtaking view of Paris and gain altitude at the top of Parisian iron lady? Before you begin your odyssey, here's an idea about prices and rates: They are set according to your age, status / health ascent mode, individual or group visit ... well, the rates differ. Here are examples of prices (approximate): - individual rates (adults fifteen euros, young, a dozen euros, children ten euros) - rates for people with disabilities in the 10 euro - Group rates (groups, professionals, school) are available on the site because they depend on many factors (number of people, etc ...)

The schedules Eiffel Tower

In summer and winter, under the sun or under the stars, rain or shine, the Tower welcomes you at any time! The opportunities are certainly not lacking to enhance your visit and make you discover (or rediscover!) The historic building. The show is not static, it is changing as the hours and seasons, and is still fascinating, you will be surprised at every ascent, so if you're looking for strong emotions rocked by a strong wind of freedom feel free to go. That said, the opening hours vary depending on the time of year. PS: The Eiffel Tower welcomes you throughout the 365 days of the year: • 9 am to midnight, and from 15 June to 1 September. • 9:30 am to 23h in terms of the rest of the year • during the Easter weekend and spring break: the opening extends until midnight. Tip: Since the times listed in this section may be changed at any time, we recommend you visit the official website of the Tower to check the schedule for dates that suit you. Note that the summit is accessible only if weather conditions are favorable, or in case of low attendance.

The Eiffel Tower transportation

There is nothing stopping you to go to the Eiffel Tower, for between buses, trains, boats, cars and even bicycles, all means are at your disposal to make your 'Eiffel Tower'! By subway: (RATP.fr) • Line 6: the station of "Bir Hakeim" • Line 9: the station of "Trocadero" By RER: (transilien.com) Note the line C: Station "Champ de Mars - Eiffel Tower." By bus: (RATP.fr) • Bus 82 stops for "Eiffel Tower" or "Field of Mars" • Bus 42 stop "Eiffel Tower" • Bus 87 stop "Champ de Mars" • Bus 69 stop "Champ de Mars" By bike: (velib.paris.fr) You can count on Vélib stations', they allow you to rent bicycles (free service at any time). The bicycle is the most pleasant way to get around the winding streets of the great Paris, and finally reach your destination iron. Enjoy your visit even before you have begun! By boat: (batobus.com) With the boat, you will make one stone: you will discover the Seine before heading to the Eiffel Tower ... tour to strongly advise foreign visitors. By car: the parking garage du quai Branly is ideal to park your vehicle, it is located within 300 meters of the monument, so you'll walk a few steps, it will do you the most good!

The Eiffel Tower store

For any visitor who respects a small detour towards the shops of the Eiffel Tower seems to be an almost obligatory. Who has never had a key ring with a small tower dangling? We must face the facts: the souvenirs are a 'must have' for visitors to France or elsewhere ... especially elsewhere! You just have to visit the Official Boutiques sites Tower or go directly to the stores (on-site shops located on the square, near the pillars, the 1st and 2nd floor) you will find a wide choice of wonderful memories ideas, you'll find everything you'll even be surprised to see so many interesting small objects, it is not that ... choose: Coins, snowballs, bracelets and jewelry, miniature monument souvenir books, mugs, shirts, scarves, plates ...

The Eiffel Tower Restaurant

The Tower offers: - the "58 Tour Eiffel" a brewery which is open reservation for quick dishes prepared for guests in a hurry without a tie, daily. At the counter, you are supposed to make up your own dishes, like a big, you will take taste, literally and figuratively! - The Jules Verne adventure dedicated to the taste buds and senses. It was the discovery of menus that will praise of French cuisine to all foreign visitors, they will also be delighted to sample this great World Heritage. Regional cooking, certainly, but also a contem

porary kitchen. Not to miss. - Buffets of the Eiffel Tower: perfect for a break of gourmet, quick and light needs available on the esplanade, the 1st and 2nd floor. You will find a wide range of choice (soft drinks, hot drinks, pizza, ice cream, sugary snacks, other salty, salads, assorted pastries ...). - Salle Gustave Eiffel, which offers a breathtaking view of paris just for your events and can hold up to 350 people. Another plus: the restaurants of the Tour even offer their menus, as partners. - Champagne Bar: Once arrived at the top floor, enjoy a glass of champagne. Nothing such as a festive note to conclude such a nice visit!

The night Eiffel Tower

For a 'Paris by Night', Get ready you for your best accessory and it is the case of the iron lady too. For in the dark, she puts on its lights to flicker in all its glory as a jewel, marking the passage of time, offering the best performances in the most beautiful capitals of the world. For the first ten minutes of each hour, the tower begins to glow, and the dark until two in the morning during the summer. In winter it dies at 1am. The flickering combines with gilding lighting that bears the Tour for over 25 years. The effect is always amazing, it's also one of the reasons why the monument was also visited at night. Once the show, the lighting golden tentatively removed to yield to 10 minutes flicker, alone in the dark. Imagine a diamond that sparkles in a completely dark space: the vision is just superb, to lose his Latin!

Reservation Eiffel Tower

Organize receptions: the Gustave Eiffel Room With a capacity of 400 people, will host all types of business events: seminars, conferences, cocktails, meals, press conferences, product presentations, show cases. - Whether for tourism professionals and groups: Service Groups & Tourism Professionals with you to prepare your visit to the Eiffel Tower. To facilitate the reception of groups wishing to access the monument by lift, purchase tickets in advance with reservation is required to benefit from the conditions and tariffs groups. Access to the visit by stairs not the subject of a prior reservation. Tickets are issued directly at the monument for immediate use. - For filmmakers and photographers: The history of the Eiffel Tower is closely related to the art; photographers, artists and filmmakers competing for her favors since its construction. landmark of Paris and France, many artists and filmmakers want to integrate into their creations. -Tournages / Taking the Eiffel Tower: The operating company of the Tour Eiffel (SETE) intends to support and promote all forms of creation. The service background Valuation Patrimonial / Image Rights is committed to study each project on a case by case, in order to best adapt the technical and artistic requirements of each production to the specifications of the monument, and to propose rate at fairer for each operation.

The elevator Eiffel Tower

What would the mesh without iron staircases ... or worse: without his lifts? Achieving the elevators in the Eiffel Tower are a delicate operation because of the inclination of the building. These constraints have been ingeniously avoided by the effectiveness of their manufacturers. Having managed to ensure maximum safety for visitors, engineers have not forgotten the elegant side of things: the cabins are a refined taste that complements the entire monument. With seats and benches, they welcome the public from 10 am for takeoffs and landings repeatedly until 10 pm. These lifts have an area of ​​14 square meters and can accommodate up to 65 people. More than 700 people are being transported at a time. From top to bottom there are three kinds of lifts.

The Eiffel Tower in the world

Shenzhen to Brussels from Dubai to Shanghai, and Copenhagen to Krakow, plus Las Vegas ... the Eiffel Tower are all by and grows like little mushrooms, iron! To believe that all cities of the world jealous Paris ... Discover together a small list of regions with identical reproduction of the Eiffel Tower (but a bit smaller scale): • Las Vegas, Ohio, Florida, Tennessee and Texas (US) each have an Eiffel Tower 'so Frenchy' erected in a very American context! • Both cities Hangzhou and Shenzhen, China • One in Parizh, Russia • Another in Almaty, Kazakhstan • One in Filiatra, Greece • A model in Brussels, Belgium • One in Yvelines, France • Another in Satteldorf, Germany • And in Dubai, United Arab Emirates Other less faithful reproductions are in other parts of the world, just to discover one day all!

Tips for visiting

Things to do and see landscapes are so many that it will organize to make the most of the Eiffel Tower! Whether you are dreamy nature, romantic, playful and curious, secrets and mysteries of the tower are nestled there or you will have to walk your look for more surprises and emotions. This is what we suggest you to make your visit a magical and playful moment: - discover the capital from the stunning views of the famous 2nd floor: this is the ideal place to capture decent pictures of the greatest photographers. And if the top you are interested, it is precisely on this floor where you will find the lifts available for true ascension to the Parisian star. - 23h in the evening, do not think to go home! but rather take the pitch and live the night as you offer the most beautiful capital of the world ... with a lighting worthy of a fairy castle account, the Tower embraces you of these tons of light and offers a panoramic view you will not find anywhere else. What blend into the hills with an iron lady and forgotten deep in the festive nights of the city ... - Remember a few lifts: follow a different path and make your visit to be a bit more 'fun'! Wander a moment at the center of the mysterious fence freely follow the 700 steps of stairs, do your best, you feel so good after! And if you do not arrive, are smeared down on foot, the pleasure of walking really has no equal.

history of the Eiffel Tower

Who says Paris, told the Eiffel Tower; who says the Eiffel Tower Paris said. Became the symbol of the metal construction, this city of lights had given birth to one of its greatest engineers, a Gustave Eiffel, who was one of the specialists of his time iron construction.   It was in 1889 that was organized the opening of the Iron Tower, several great personalities have made the trip to see the work more closely, we note the presence of the Archduke Ferdinand and Thomas Edison for example. Then, during the famous World Expo as the Eiffel Tower literally spread its wings to enter the twentieth century, it was the godmother of the modern and bright emblem of the country or even the whole of Europe. And it is in 1912 that it has engaged in some kind services of a 'public' because it gave the time in the world and participated in national defense in time of war, where she managed to show strength wind and atmospheric pressure for example. Finally, she welcomed the television antennas and it is from there that the great adventure of the six largest French chains. Weighing 10,000 tons, it eats 60 tons of paint every seven years. Three colors degraded the cover, from the darkest to lightest (from bottom to top, for a perspective effect and elongation well studied). And consists of 3 floors: a tea room and a restaurant on the first, a restaurant and a lower glass gallery on the second and an upper gallery in the third. It was in 1986 that the lighting of the tower actually made its debut. And the light of the Eiffel Tower has since been under the spotlight, no pun intended!   However, the building has long been subject to harsh criticism and mockery of a very high literary genre, as was the case of Maupassant who looked like a simple "hollow candlestick" see "ungainly skeleton". On the other hand, she was the muse who inspired many artists, writers and philosophers of the time (Seurat, Rousseau, Utrillo). Mistinguett Trenet Dutronc and gave the coup de grace by immortalizing the tower in beautiful songs, as young and old sing, and sing for beautiful years.   The tower was ultimately much more famous than his engineer ... what envy his work!