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Identity Card:
  • province of place Chef Florence

  • Country Italy

  • People : 3734355 hab (2010)

  • Language : Italian, Tuscan

  • Religion : Catholic

    • Currency Euro

    • Payment Cards You can buy many things with a credit card in Italy, although many small businesses do not accept. Usually we do not ask you your code, an ID card and a signature enough. The ATMs are widespread.

    • Budget stay 1 Week 300-600 Euro

    • Restaurants Remember that Italians eat later than the French, it is common to go to dinner around 14h or 22h to the night
      No. dear : less than 10 € / person
      Average . € 10 -25 euros / person
      Premium .: over 35 € / person.

    • accommodation
      Cheap : 20/30 euros / night
      Price means : 60-100 euros / night
      Premium : more than 140 euros / night


      How to get there?

      • By Air: To get in Tuscany by plane, you have the choice of land in Florence, or Rome, where you take then a train. Florence is served by major airlines such as Alitalia and Air France. You can find tickets starting at 180 euros return from Paris-Roissy. You can also opt for low-cost airlines Easy Jet and Ryanair from Paris Beauvais.

      • By train: Florence and Grosseto are very well served by trains, express trains arriving from Rome, Milan, Bologna, Ravenna, Zurich and Munich.

      • By car: There are two ways to go to Italy by car from France or by the Riviera with Highway A8 or N7 or by the Alps via the tunnels of Mont Blanc and Frejus.

        On site:

        • Car One thing to know absolutely : Many downtown areas have restricted access, you may be fined for about 100 euros for breaching these restrictions measures. Warning your license plate is scanned automatically at the entrance to limited areas.

        • Bus well developed bus network that will allow you to go anywhere in Tuscany. www.busfox.com

        • train From Florence station can be reached easily in less than 2 hours: Siena, Pisa, San Gimignano, Volteria, Lucca and Arezzo.

          • Tips : In the summer, take the usual precautions against sunburn and sunstroke, and remember to drink plenty of water

            • Pickpockets: It is important to warn you against pickpockets raging mainly in tourist areas and public transport in Florence. If you are driving, do not leave anything in sight in a parked vehicle.

              • Climate temperate climate inland, Mediterranean on the coast, he four seasons follow each other well markedly, with hot, dry summers and mild winters .

              • Average temperatures 24 & deg; C in summer and 8 & deg; C in winter in Rome .

              • Best time to reach : Spring and Autumn are definitely the best seasons to visit Tuscany was neither too hot nor too cold.

                Daily life: