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Identity Card:
  • Capital Bangkok

  • People 66 million inhab. (2011)

  • Constitution Constitutional Monarchy

  • Language : Thai, English

  • Religion Buddhist

    Entry requirements:
    • Visa : You do not need tourist visa if you stay less than 30 days in Thailand (15 days if arriving by land)

    • Passport : A valid passport is required. It must be valid 6 months after your arrival in the territory.

      • Currency Baht

      • Currency rates : 1.00 EUR = 38.2033 THB

      • Change Withdrawing money instead of change is a good idea especially if you do not pay transaction fees because the exchange rates are best in banks in exchange offices.

      • Payment Cards : There are ticket distributors in every major city and in medium-sized cities. There will still always wise to have liquid on itself because only large stores, large hotels and luxury restaurants accept credit cards.

        • Budget stay 1 Week : 150- 500 euros

          • Restaurants
            Cheap : less than 5 € / person
            Average : 10 € / person
            Premium . over € 30-50 / person.

            • accommodation
              Cheap : 5-10 € / night
              Average : 15-30 € / night charming hotel: 40-50 € / night
              high-end : more than 100 € / night


              How to get there?

              • By Air: It takes an average of 12 flight hours to reach Bangkok from France. Flights are with Air France or direct Thai Airways from Paris. You can also directly to other cities. Chiang Mai, Phuket, Samui and Sukhothai

                Bangkok Airport is located 30 km east of Bangkok. You will find many available buses and taxis, train also helps make the connection between the airport and the city center.

              • Train It is possible to travel by train in Thailand since Malsaisie and Singapore. The prestige of the train, the Orient Express, runs regularly between Bangkok and Singapore.

                On site:

                • Car : There are many car rental companies, especially in tourist areas, to avoid problems it is safer to go through an international franchise, Avis, Budget and Hertz. The road network is pretty average and the traffic is intense, just advise drivers accustomed to this type of somewhat chaotic traffic. An international license is required.

                • Bus : To make long-distance bus is the most popular way to travel in Thailand. There are different types of buses, the cheap local bus luxury bus with air conditioning, TV and comfortable seating. Buses BKS offer excellent price / quality ratio.

                • Train : Take the train in Thailand is an experience in itself, by cons should not be pressed. The trains are slow and subject to frequent delays, the more they are often crowded, it is advisable to buy your ticket in advance. The Thai railway network is managed by the national company State Railway of Thailand. The prestige of the train, the Orient Express, runs regularly between Bangkok and Singapore.

                • plane With the arrival of low-cost flight it is increasingly common to take the plane to cross the country, especially since trains and buses are desperately slow.

                  • Vaccinations See your doctor and subscribe to a travel insurance covering medical expenses and repatriation. Recommended vaccinations: diphtheria, tetanus, polio typhoid fever, viral hepatitis A and B, Japanese encephalitis. Also watch out for stray animals that may be rabid, and take precautions against malaria and dengue, two diseases transmitted by mosquitoes.

                  • Food It is generally safe to eat in the street, show all the same common sense and avoid vendor who leaves his meat in the sun with flies that turn around. As for water, it is best to drink bottled water.

                    • Cons: The scams against tourists are common in Thailand, be vigilant and use common sense. First of all do not believe the first come, there are many touts almost anything to get you in a place where they get a commission. Careful with dishonest taxi drivers and pickpockets in crowded places. It is advisable to store your money in a belt purse and make photocopies of your ID and your travel tickets. Tourist Police: 1155

                    • Violence in the Far South of Thailand: It is completely inadvisable to travel to the far south, where separatist rebels multiply the attacks <. / p>

                    • Monsoons: If you visit Thailand during the monsoon it is imperative to be well informed about the weather and road conditions .

                      • Climate C limat tropical, it then hot and humid all year.

                      • Average temperatures : 28 & deg; C in summer and 35 & deg; C in winter. (Reverse seasons)

                      • Best time to reach : Prefer the period from November to February, it does not rain much and temperatures are pleasant, it is the most popular time to go Thailand even though hotel prices are rising while

                        Daily life:
                        • Time difference : UTC +7

                        • Electrical Outlets 220V / 50Hz

                        • Calling code 00 66

                        • internet, wifi Internet cafes abound in Thailand. An increasing number of coffee shops and hotels also offer free WiFi access.

                        • Specific, greetings rules: Thai greet each other by shaking their hands together in prayer and bowing slightly, this custom is called Wai. But no salvation in this way everything is going, there are very strict rules based mainly on the hierarchy. As a foreigner you do not expect what you saluiez this way, a slight bow see a hands gripping enough.