The seaside resort Le Touquet-Paris-Plage and historical landmarks

Plage du Touquet

Water activities on the Canche and the Channel are the prerogative of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage who has the most historical monuments record for a resort. Among the attractions of the city, there are still urban architecture and the famous museum of France. The largest hotels in the town are rather luxurious establishments in the genre 'four star. An overnight stay may be worth between 70 and 300 euros. Among the most famous face the Westminster Hotel & Spa and relaxation center on the Avenue du Verger and built in the 30s you will find single and double rooms in four-star comfort and a relaxation center. In the same style, we can also mention the Mercure Grand Hotel with its swimming pool, spa and views directly over the Bay of Canche; Holiday Inn Resort nearby forest and also the Pop Hotel near the market place. Comfortable and affordable see at Les Embruns on the waterfront, the welcoming Jules Street in Moscow or the lovely gardens of Ulysses in the periphery.