The sumptuous Dubrovnik

Book your flight to the magnificent Dubrovnik in Croatia. Enjoy a stay in the heart of a pleasant kind. The buildings of a pre-Romanesque and Baroque architecture, the most famous in the world.

At the start of the legendary walls of the city, with a length of over 1,500 meters. An opportunity to contemplate the five towers built to protect the pearl of the Adriatic. Do not miss the tower Minceta. Luckily you will attend a Croatian wedding. Continuing your way a little further, you will be amazed by the grandeur of the palace Sponza. Residence all the old documents of the city, drawing all its hidden secrets, some of which date from the 12th century. Do not miss the legendary Orlando. The symbol of the freedom of the country. Dubrovnik is not just historical monuments. It's an entire culture protected by UNESCO. You can admire its churches, ruins, museums and castles.

At the heart of the city, let yourself be carried away by the luxurious symphony of Klapa, singers and troubadours serenade. A hidden facet of a highly artistic city. Dubrovnik is also the islands, beaches and white sand dunes. Do not miss mainly Lokrum Island, ten minutes from downtown. Also, that of Lopud, taking the form of a butterfly. You can spend a whole day. Between the refreshing swimming, the bronzettes relaxing, or even the exploration of lush vegetation.

alone, with family, or even solo. Far from the luxurious modernity of the city book your next vacation in Dubrovnik. More on: