The Dominican Republic practice, know

République Dominicaine

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Identity Card:
  • Capital Santo Domingo

  • Population approximately 10 million inhabitants .

  • Constitution Republic

  • Language : Spanish

  • Religion : Catholicism

    Entry requirements:
    • Visa : For a tourist stay of less than three months no visa is necessary .

    • Passport : A valid passport is required, it must be valid at least 6 months from the date of entry in the Dominican Republic .

      • M oney Dominican Peso (DOP)

      • Currency rates $ 1 = 39.03 DOP

      • Change Do not change money on the street, the risk of fraud is very high .

      • Payment Cards You can use your international credit card in major hotels, restaurants and chain stores. Elsewhere it is best to have liquid on himself to pay.

      • Budget stay 1 Week 300-600

        • Restaurants
          Cheap : less than 10 € / person
          Average : 10-15 € / person
          Premium . more than 30 € / person.

          • accommodation
            Cheap : less than 15 € / night
            way Price: 30-60 € / night
            Premium : more than 100 € / night


            How to get there?

            • By Air: It takes at least 600 euros for a round trip between France and the Dominican Republic, about 8:30 flight hours. The main airports welcoming tourists are located in Santo Domingo, Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, La Romana and El Catey in Samana. Upon arrival you must pay a fee of $ 10 and from $ 20.

            • By Ferry: There is a connection between Puerto Rico and San Juan in the Dominican Republic for more information:

              On site:

              • Car : The condition of roads is pretty average, only motorway links between Punta Cana, Santo Domingo and Las Terrenas are in excellent condition. In city traffic can be very chaotic, driving is not recommended unless you are very used to this type of traffic. IF you are thinking of renting a car is safer to go through a large sign rental. Note: you can drive with your French license for a period of three months.

              • Bus : To move through the island you can choose between cheap minibuses and long distance buses, more expensive but also more comfortable.

                • Vaccinations No mandatory vaccine, updates DT-Polio, Hepatitis A and B, typhoid recommended .

                • Tips : Do not drink tap water. -It is strongly recommended to take out health insurance for the duration of the stay.

                  • Flight and delinquency: Although the major cities of Santo Domingo and Santiago are rich enough, the Dominican Republic remains a country of third world, do not flaunt your wealth. Try to avoid finding yourself alone at night, in town or on the beaches, attacks are fairly common. Keep with you photocopies of your documents and keep the originals in a safe place.

                  • Stray dogs Watch out for stray dogs, they are many, especially as cases of rabies were reported in the country.

                  • On the road: It is recommended to drive doors closed, not to drive at night outside cities and to avoid taking hitchhikers have been reported cases of road pirates posing as hitchhikers.


                    • Climate Climate tropical-maritime with little seasonal temperature variation. Warning the island in the middle of the hurricane belt and is subjected to severe storms from May to November.

                    • Average temperatures 28 & deg; C in summer and 22 & deg; C in winter .

                    • Best time to reach The tourist season is our winter and our spring. In summer it can have severe storms, hurricanes see. During the high season it is advisable to book your hotel a little in advance, and during the carnival period Santo Domingo (February). .

                      Daily life:
                      • Time difference : UTC -4

                      • Electrical Outlets : 110 / 60Hz (American made)

                      • Calling code 1 809

                      • internet, wifi The big cities have their share of Internet cafes and coffee shops offering wifi. Otherwise most hotels offer free internet access.

                      • Emergency 911 or 112