Event programming of January in Marseille.


In January the city of Marseille is unwavering in its efforts since it offers a cultural and artistic program of high quality in order not to let fall the energy and magic of Christmas. Here's a list of important events not to be missed in Marseille! Save the date

1. Reevox

The festival will begin his sixth season from 27 to 31 January in Marseille at random and cabaret, to the delight of all visitors to Marseille and Marseille this beautiful city. This festival offers an artistic program if eclectic contemporary music, through video, digital arts, dance .... This festival primarily dedicated to electronic arts and music surprises and amazes its audience each year by its international artists and creativity.

2. Star Wars-An art odyssey

An exhibition of Star Wars in Bargemon space of 3 December to 17 January? Is it possible ? Well yes and to our delight! Twenty artists Posse Post Collective worked with Pixel coffee and with the company Lucasfilm and ACME Archives to create nearly 50 original creations on the universe of Star Wars creations offered for sale! The exhibition was created around an innovative set design, sound and visual devices of all the latest technology ... Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Star Wars.

3. You well resume a little freedom or how not to cry?

Experience a crazy and amazing adventure at the theater Joliette Milling January 14th where the Classical Theater Marivaux meet the work of Naomi Klein's anti-globalization journalist. Two texts on the oppression of man by man, played by talented actors and hitting open your mind, you émouvront but you also revolt: a sure thing! you will not leave neither totally the same nor totally different from this amazing and strong play.

4. Swan Lake 3D

Come and dream, come and marvel at Swan Lake with its 3D design and on the occasion of 175th anniversary of Tchaikovsky. Young and old will marvel at this magnificent spectacle that combines technology innovation and classical romantic ballet. The visual storytelling, dance performances make this sumptuous ballet. See you on January 16 to Marseille dome. Hurry up, there will be no places for everyone and no doubt you regret to have missed such an event.