The unique nature of Madagascar

During your stay in Madagascar, you will be amazed by the unique beauty of its nature. In the city or in the forest. Madagascar remains a haven for nature lovers. The legendary diversity of its fauna and flora, will take you to a colorful paradise. If you head towards the east coast, you will be amazed by the beautiful scenery that you will contemplate. Once you are at the foot of the reserve Daraina, you'll be amazed by rare species you will encounter. Go to Marojejy National Park or cohabiting at least 275 species of ferns, 35 palms, 149 reptiles and 118 birds.

Move again in the northern region of Madagascar. You'll perhaps the chance to meet the miners and to participate in excavations! The unique nature of Madagascar will not end to impress. Between the sea and the earth, trying to climb the cliffs of Cape Amber, to the lighthouse between the Indian Ocean and the Mozambique Channel. From there, with a little luck, you will have the opportunity to see the whales roam the sea freshwater lakes in Madagascar.

Other sites, bays and coasts to discover during your discovery trip to the unique nature of Madagascar. The island of Nosy Mangabe, the village Navana, Masoala course. Its biodiversity makes this small continent, the dream destination for tourists from all over the globe. More on: