Weather Snow and snow: the best places to see

Winter officially begins on December, but sometimes the snow is not expected that fateful date, or on the contrary, is to wait a bit more than what one could wish!

But then, a ski trip had prepared, without exception, not really at the last moment. When booking holidays, difficult to predict the weather will be on departure. Choose your skiing destination (Alps, Pyrenees, Jura, etc ...), book a cottage or a mountain apartment, put a reservation on the ski or refresh the existing, much of steps before deliver to the vagaries of time.

The seasons in the winter season

Depending on the time that one chooses to leave during the ski season, the risks are not the same. Early in the season, it is possible that the tracks are slow to receive enough snow so soft autumn lingers. This is especially true in low altitude mountains, Massif Central, Jura, Vosges ... least for altitude resorts of the Alps or the Pyrenees.

Incidentally, the major resorts vaporize artificial snow to fill the gap. By digging into the mountain winter, the chances that the snow is at appointments increase, until there is nothing to fear in the heart of the season: late December, January, February, early March at least. Besides the snow level, it is always interesting to know the weather: heavy clouds and snow or on the contrary, fantastic clear blue sky and unobstructed, for downhill sunscreen on the nose ?

Next is a ski season that fans adore: spring. The snow begins to melt in many resort, but prices of accommodation and packages are revised downwards, there are far fewer people on the slopes, and the sun has more chances to shine a season where ... so we keep the eye on the weather as the snow levels of the station!

Know where to look for the weather and snow levels this winter

To summarize, as the weather as the snow levels are very important for a successful winter sports holiday. Thanks to the internet, more need to consult anxiously barometer every morning. Better open a web page and efficiently search for weather information on one of the sites the following:

Of course, this is a reference. The France Weather site is clear and very well done. It has a separate section snow, satellite map and forecast declinable according massive or sub-massive (Alpes North / South) or even a ski resort.


The name of the site seems quite clear not to require further explanation. Weather Snow is devoted entirely to the weather on the mountains and ski resorts in France with weather report daily snow and webcam stations to ensure directly!

Website: part references for ski resorts, skiing and mountain on the French web. The site offers a very detailed snow section: Overview of each station (detailed report), ratio of the slopes and open / closed lifts cam tracks ...

Website: offers a beautiful map of Europe showing rainfall and snow across Europe. For more detailed weather point, you can select a particular mass (France and Switzerland), or a provisional ballot per station.

Website: is the official website of all the ski resorts in France. A bit like the mountain tourist office of the country. Not surprising then to find there weather forecast and snow report information provided with partner stations or via Météo France.


The site of the first television channel has a well-developed weather section, including a weather tab specific snow in its data. You can check the weather and snow by then not massive resort.

Website: is a simple and clearly built site, which offers a daily snow report from the ski resorts in France: new snow, low and high snow depth, sunshine and weather, webcam on tracks ... a full report.

Website: is the official website of the tourist office in Switzerland. This has a snow and weather report on all stations of full Swiss Alps. Snow downhill slopes, cross country skiing, fun parks


ski resort sites

You know exactly where you going? Megève, Tignes, Les 2 Alpes, Chamonix ... Most ski resorts have their own website, and each one personalized snow weather on the weather, the snow coverage, open slopes and lifts mechanical ...