Malaysia, between tradition and modernity

Farniente, soleil et plages en Malaisie

Discover a harmonious world of contrasts in the heart of Malaysia, floating between tradition and modernity. One aspect characterizing each city of Malaysia.

Choose a stay in Kuala Lumpur on your trip to the land of contrasts and be carried away by the successful marriage of a futuristic and medieval another. Lose yourself between the picturesque monuments of the city: the size of the Petronas Twin Towers, an innovative style nestled among the old houses of the peasants or the Palace Istana Kenangan, a former Malaysian style. Stroll among the various temples and mosques. Whatever your religion, you will be welcomed. Hindu, Chinese, Buddhist or Muslim, everyone will find his quest. From the hectic life of the capital, go to the relaxation of the campaign. Explore the Cameron Highlands first. Between the old manufacturing tea and fields of establishment of plants to the Bay of Taman Negara. Here, unlike the citizens of the city, people live only on fishing and hunting. Discover another Malaysian life. A simple life in the heart of a modernist country. Do not miss visiting the famous Malacca. The Malaysian colonial city. The center of the grouping of several cultures. At two hours from Kuala Lumpur. You will be charmed by the Malaysian contrast. A shade that is lived through the walls of houses. More than that, through the history of architectural and historical monuments. Do not miss the visit of the Royal Belum State Park, reproducing life jungles, between bears and tigers scattered off the bay.

Malaysia, certainly a mixed country, but a country that is worth a visit. Try the blow, at least once in your life. More on: