Boat rental: an original holiday experience!

A growing craze for boat rental

cruise sailboat or catamaran has been a real craze for the past 10 years. Previously reserved for an elite or intrepid sailors, boating democratizes and becomes progressively more and more accessible. Both in terms of increase in supply and prices.

Solutions to discover sailing & hellip;

The easiest and cheapest to learn about sailing and making your first runs by boat: a friend or family member invites you aboard his ship! Especially do not refuse! In addition to discovering the joys of wide spray and maneuvers, you will know if you seasick & hellip; ! Not to worry though, there are many techniques to avoid these unpleasant situations!

Contact a sailing association

If you do not have the chance to have around you a boat owner, different formulas exist for beginners to board a cruise.

Many sailing associations exist along the coast (sailing club, cruise club, & hellip;) and even in Paris! Graduates sailing instructors teach you the basics of sailing, theory and practice through fishing trips accompanied by a skipper. Fun and educational, these courses have the advantage of being inexpensive, easy to use and enhance your browsing knowledge base.

The boat rental

The most common way for novices and initiates to board a cruise is the rental boats. There are thousands of rental companies worldwide who provide customers a fleet of ships, generally recent and well maintained (be careful anyway!). Then you can rent for a day, a weekend or a week the boat of your choice coasting to go from port to port in the destination of your choice.

Of course, the neophyte sailors solicit the services of a skipper who will board and will be the guarantor of security of passengers and the conduct of the ship! The skipper is usually provided by the rental company (count 150 € to 250 € / day for the services of skipper depending on the destination).

The rental cabin

Another type of loading is possible, however: the rental cabin. Alone or in pairs, you can embark on a boat skippered by his captain, usually a catamaran and only rent a double cabin. The ship will not be so totally chartered to you, but also for other people you'll meet on board. This program has the advantage of being cheaper than the boat rental with the skipper and do you meet new sailors!

The schooner rental

There are also cruises a bit more expensive, but very comfortable, thanks to the hire schooners < / a>. The schooners are wooden vessels between 15m and 25m and can accommodate 6 to 20 people. Each cabin has its own bathroom, the wide bridge allows delightful afternoon in the sun, and meals or aperitifs has extension. In short dream vacation with family or friends! This cruise mode is especially prevalent along the Turkish and Croatian coasts.

There are many solutions to finally embark on a cruise and learn about the craft. It is especially important to determine your destination and your budget. You will then have a better idea of ​​solutions and
boats for rent available to you & hellip; but hey, no matter the ship provided they have drunk!

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