The size of Japanese architecture

Le mont Fuji

Contemplate the Japanese architecture during your stay in Japan! The slogan will be greatness and innovation. From the capital Tokyo, head to the city center. Experience the picturesque Meiji Shrine Basilica. A religious building where you can admire a magnificent unusual floral display at the bottom of an impressive architecture. On the same road, go explore the Imperial Palace. It is built of wood, in attractive Chinese style. Marvel Nijubashi mainly by a double bridge built in stone in the form of a semicircle, forming the old main entrance of the palace. Further, do not miss the visit of the gigantic Edo Castle, surrounded by water moat. A genuine fortress with dozens of walls.

At the heart of the city, you'll be impressed by the size of the Tokyo City Hall. A 18th century building with a height of over 250 meters built as twin towers of over 45 floors. A great place to experience a panoramic view of the city. Can not Go to Japan and miss St. Mary's Cathedral. A wooden construction, in a Gothic style. More than a church, a modern architectural art. Do not miss the legendary clock tower NNT Docomo Matogi. The highest masterpiece in the world.

On the way to Rainbow City, center of futuristic architecture. A Japanese world apart, nestled on a few artificial islands. So many things to contemplate. The stunning architectural style Kabiki, the most famous and ancient Japanese theater. The impressive statue of Boudda Kanagawa, bronze, with a height of over 10 meters. Sports architectural monuments, modern, Nagara. Your stay of discovery of the greatness of Japanese architecture, marry the traditional and the modernist future past. A stay simply hair-raising. More on: