The Festival of Lights in Lyon


The Festival of Lights, which begins December 8 until December 11, is the most popular event during the year Lyonnaise, not involving less than 3 million visitors.

It will match again this year, because with solidarity operation will raise funds for UNICEF by selling candles above named "Candle lights of the Heart", costing € 2 and are available for purchase in various chalets information as well as with volunteers from the city center of Lyon.

So the evening of December 8, from 18:00 you can go between Place d'Albon and Saint-Nizier site where you can file a candle to put your little light to the design of a beautiful and large bright display, which will be well understood, the colors of UNICEF. You can certainly see celebrities including Mimi Mathy, who is none other than the ambassador of the French Committee of UNICEF.

From 20:00, the whole city will be illuminated completely and will be the place meeting of the amazed public. You can see the floats that will parade in the city center on a course of more than 2:30 commencing Republic Square to the Place Bellecour, going through the streets of President Carnot and Grenette not to mention St. Anthony docks, Celestine and Tilsit.

It will be seen that this year, the Festival of Light, in addition to holding its own website , is amply invests on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook as well as smartphone apps. Indeed, if you are a follower of these sites, you have the ability to love Facebook to drive up awareness this fabulous and magnificent feast or go to the application created for this purpose in order to read it for information ...

so, do not hesitate to get there, it's a time magical and wonderful that will delight you for sure.