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Identity Card:
  • Capital Beijing (Peking)

  • People 1 billion 300 million inhabitants .

  • Constitution Socialist Republic

  • Language : Mandarin, Cantonese, Minnan

  • Religion : Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism

    Entry requirements:
    • Visa Getting a tourist visa is fairly easy and you do not need an invitation. The tourist visa is valid for 30 days and is not renewable. The visa must be used within 3 months following the date of issue. In principle you must register your place of residence with the local police within 24 hours (city) to 72 (campaign). (One can dispense its formalities in Shanghai).

      • Currency : Yuan (RMB & yen;)

      • Currency rates : 1 Euro = 8.07 yuan

      • Change Avoid private exchange offices and especially those offering to change money on the street. It defers many cases of scams. It is advisable to change your money in banks.

      • Payment Cards Warning certain ATMs in China requires a 6-digit code, then add 2 zeros before your 4-digit code .

      • Budget stay : The cost of living in China for a Westerner is quite affordable, except in Hong Kong or Macau .

        • Restaurants
          Cheap . Less than € 5-10 / person < br /> Average . 10-15 € / person
          Premium : more than 30 € / pers.

          • accommodation
            Cheap : less than 10 € / night
            Average : 15-30 € / night
            Premium : more than 100 € / night


            How to get there?

            • By Air: The large "entry" of China are Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Direct flights are numerous from Paris. The main companies serving China include: China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, China Xiamen Airlines, Air China ...

            • Train : It is possible a priori to travel by train in China from France. He will first need to join Moscow then take the Trans-Siberian Railway (Trans-Manchurian and Trans-Mongolia) to Beijing via Ulan Bator. It is also possible to go through Central Asia, from Almaty, Kazakhstan, can be reached by rail Urumqi in Xinjiang province.
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              On site:

              • Car Foreign permits and international licenses are not recognized. So at least spend your Chinese license you will need to hire a driver.

              • Bus : There are all kinds of buses, local buses cheap but slow and crowded coach comfortable with comfortable seating, TV and air conditioning. The most comfortable bus will offer better conditions to travel the train, by cons they are slightly more expensive.

              • train The train is the main means of transport for short and long distances in China. China has the largest high speed rail network in the world.

              • plane : China is a huge country, so for long distances, the aircraft can be your best option. China has many domestic flights connecting all major cities and tourist destinations. Warning ; flight delays and cancellations are common.

                • Vaccinations : No vaccine is mandatory, however, the following vaccinations are recommended: -diphtérie tetanus poliomyelitis vaccination .

                  -Fièvre typhoid, viral hepatitis A and B.

                  Japanese -Encéphalite (if living in rural areas).

                • Tips Even in the cities, the Chinese do not drink tap water, and you should not either, unless boil previously

                  • Extra-billing: In general double check your bills to see if we do not overcharged you. It is also reported many cases of scams or people priori well-intentioned accost you in the street to take you in a club, what they do not tell you is that they are in cahoots with the club's boss and each drink from cost you a small fortune.

                  • Pickpocket: as everywhere careful in tourist and crowded places and in public transport.

                  • Taxi driver: Do not trust too much to taxi drivers, insist much so they put the meter. Attention also to unofficial taxis and false official taxis are often tampered with their meters.

                    • Climate Given the size of the country China has of course many climates. Generally cold and dry north, temperate in the center, subtropical south

                    • Best time to reach : Beware the typhoon season on the south coast of China, every year from May to October the coast is hit hard by many typhoons.

                      Daily life:
                      • Time difference : UTC +8

                      • Electrical Outlets : 220V / 50Hz (European plug)

                      • Calling code 00 86

                      • internet, wifi Cyber ​​cafes are abundant throughout China. Many of them are designed primarily for network games and are not really conducive to having a chat via Skype with your small (e) ami (e). More and more cafes offer free wifi.