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La Belgique

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Identity Card:
  • Capital Brussels

  • People 11 million .

  • Constitution : Federal Parliamentary Monarchy

  • Language : Dutch, French, German .

  • Religion Catholicism

    Entry requirements:
    • Visa : no, national identity card or passport valid .

    • Passport : no, national map proper identification .

      • Currency Euro

      • Payment Cards Curiously ATMs are rare, even in major cities, and sometimes they are empty, especially on Sundays. Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted.

      • Budget stay 1 Week 300-700 Euro

        • Restaurants
          Cheap : less than 10 € / person
          Average : 15-20 € / person
          Premium . more than 40 € / person.

          • accommodation
            Cheap : less than 25 € / night
            Average : 60-80 € / night
            Premium : more than 150 € / night


            How to get there?

            • plane The flight time from Paris to Brussels or Antwerp is about 1 hour, an average price of 50 euros. The connections from France to Belgium include insured airlines: Brussels Airlines, Air France, Ryanair and Jetairfly. Most major French cities have direct connections with Brussels.

            • By car: From Paris, take the direction of Lille. The French driving license is recognized.

            • By train: Thalys trains and direct TGV from Paris or Lille, fast but not given .

            • By bus: Eurolines serves Brussels from most major French cities .

              On site:

              • Car : The road network is excellent, all highways are free. Road signs are in Dutch in the Flemish region.

              • Bus The bus network is dense and can take you almost anywhere.

              • train The rail network is dense and reliable, almost all cities are served .

                • Vaccinations No mandatory vaccine .

                • Tips Think to bring the European Health Insurance Card, the request must be made to your insurance fund at least disease 15 days before departure.

                  • Pickpocket: Belgium is a safe country, it is nevertheless necessary to be especially vigilant in Brussels, pickpockets operate in stations and public transport

                    • Climate : The climate is temperate oceanic with significant rainfall. It can make very cold winter despite the temperature drops rarely below zero, while the summer is mild with a small average of 20 degrees.

                    • Best time to reach : Spring, summer, autumn .

                      Daily life:
                      • Time difference : UTC + 1, no time difference with France .

                      • Electrical Outlets : European plug .

                      • Calling code 00 32

                      • internet, wifi is easy to find Internet cafes, especially in large cities, if you have your own computer, you will not struggle to enjoy a wifi access from coffee or from your hotel.