The history of Toulouse ... broadly


Not easy to summarize the history of Toulouse in a few lines ... however, it is always interesting to be aware of the major events that have marked the history of the city that we are visiting. To us then we dive deeper into the periods that excite us.

  • The Toulouse area before the arrival of the Romans was populated by Volques Tectosages.
  • The Romans founded a prosperous colony Tolosa. The town was then occupied by the Visigoths, Franks, Vandals, Saracens ...

    The Middle Ages:
    • The Counts of Toulouse take power over the town in the ninth century, it is enriched and beautified over the following centuries.
    • The city gets municipal autonomy at the end of the XII century.
    • In the Languedoc region became to France in 1271, Toulouse keeps its municipal liberties and sheriffs (representing traders) continue to rule the city.
    • In 1444, Toulouse became provincial capital and acquires a parliament.

      • In the XVth and XVIéme centuries Toulouse strongly enriched by trade pastel. The city was beautified thanks to large fortunes.
      • However the arrival of indigo settlements ends this valuable trade and the city suffers religious wars.
      • Not until the XVIII century for the city to get rich again through wheat production and trade on the canals of the Midi and Brienne.

        XIX and XX:
        • Toulouse dark to a certain lethargy bourgeoisie in the nineteenth century and became industrialized until the First World War because it is located far from the battlefield.
        • Sud Aviation, later Aerospatiale, is created between the wars.
        • The city is still the headquarters building of Airbus and is also specialized in chemistry and biotechnology.