The history of Crete ... in outline


Not easy to summarize the history of Crete in a few lines ... however, it is always interesting to be aware of the major events that have marked the history of the country that we are visiting. To us then we dive deeper into the periods that excite us.

  • Some sea by waves of settlement are attested to 130,000 BC, but Crete is really busy that from 7000 BC with the arrival of people from Anatolia. < / li>
  • Around 3000 BC, new migrants settle and finer culture is emerging.
  • Around 2000 BC, during the period paléopatiale, Crete occupies a prominent place in the Mediterranean. Many palaces are built on the island. Cretan hieroglyphs are the source of phonetic writing in Europe.
  • Around 1700 BC the palace were destroyed and rebuilt, this Neopalatial period is the peak of the Cretan influence.
  • Around 1200 BC, Crete was invaded by mycénéens then integrated into the Greek culture.

    empires Roman and Byzantine:
    • Between 67 BC and 395 AD, Crete was colonized by the Romans, then between 395 and 824, it enters the Eastern Roman Empire, ie the Byzantine Empire.
    • Between 824 and 961, it was conquered by the Abbasids, an Arab Muslim dynasty, before returning to the hands of the Byzantines until 1204.

      From the thirteenth to the nineteenth:
      • Until 1669, it will remain in the hands of the Venetian, from 1669 to 1822 to the Ottomans who set many Muslims, between 1822 and 1868, it is attached to Egypt.

        XIX and XX:
        • The Cretan people revolt in 1866-1868 and then in 1897-1898 when she was again under Ottoman control, it gets in the second revolt independence under international supervision but in 1913 it was attached to Greece .
        • Greece exchange in 1922, 25,000 Muslims of Crete against 50,000 Orthodox Cilicia, Turkey.
        • In 1941, Crete was invaded by the Germans. The Cretans refueled by British liberate the & frac34; the country in 1944.
        • Crete becomes a Greek administrative region and it is now a major tourist destination in Europe.