The essence of tea in Japan

For your next stay discovery, go to the country where tea is more than a tradition but an art in itself. Take part in a unique experience in Japan, picking tea leaves to its tasting following a ritual that is perpetuated through generations.

Start by visiting the prefecture SHIZUOKA, specializing in crops of sunlight. You will discover the different types of traditional tea such as Sencha, Bancha, in the Hojicha. Then take the road prefecture KAGOSHIMA, where you will find the famous tea Kamairicha, a Japanese tea from the Chinese culture. See you later at the prefecture of Kyoto, where products are luxury teas: Matcha or Gyokuro. Or you decide to leave, you will participate in picking tea leaves. Go to manufacturing houses, an opportunity to prepare your tasting yourself. You will be assisted by the master of the factory.

Japanese Tea is a ritual, a strongly tied to martial arts history. Also known as the Buddha drink brandy majestic men. Luckily, if you will be December 1, you will participate in the tea ceremony which is held annually in Japan. A memorable moment. Of hours you will discover how to enjoy your tea aesthetically. A legendary ceremony of the 15th century. Make clear your mind, it is the rule before you start. Step into a wooden room, you must be squat, as a devotion and respect. You will begin the ceremony in a harmonious setting. Have pure spirit, respectful and quiet. Turn your glass after each tasting. Explore other tastes on other corners of your glass. Understand the essence of tea in Japan: an incredible opportunity, a unique experience and a true moment of enchantment and inner purification. An event which you will remember all your life

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