The architecture and flowering Tour

Because of the importance of its architectural and historical heritage includes remarkable Wilson bridge, the city tour was named city of art and history. Tower also has an equally poetic facet with its many gardens, which allowed him to win several grand prize fleurrisement. The Tower of carrying capacity for the hotel industry is very important, you will find mostly hotels comfort and affordable prices. At the very least, a hotel night tour costs around 45 euros. In slightly out of the hotel Gireaudau among the institutions with low rates. Nevertheless, it offers up to triple rooms, internet and free parking in a comfortable two stars. You also have the Vendome street Roger Salengro. Besides its low prices, its originality is to offer meals totally organic. The Quality Hotel of the Joliot Curie is also interesting: suites, triples and double rooms provide access to beautiful fitness center. The inescapable hotel tower is the hotel of the Universe. This four star which dates back to the 19th century, enjoys a convenient location near the train station and shops.